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What is the Cabot Fit Team?

So now that you've made the decision to race, we want to help support your fitness goals. Getting ready for any race takes planning and preparation.

Here are three tips to help you bring your best to the start line:

  1. Visualize success. The mind is a powerful tool. If you're a novice racer, it's easy to let nerves take over before the race. Picture yourself in the race feeling relaxed and confident. Imagine how you'll feel crossing the finish line. Keep these positive thoughts in your mind, letting them banish the race jitters
  2. Manage the details. It's easier to relax and run your best race if you know you've dotted all your i's and crossed your t's.  Get your race necessities – bib number, safety pins, replacement fuel and your music – ready the night before. When running a virtual race, you can make you own mini-water stop by leaving water bottles along your route, or recruit friends to cheer you on along the way!
  3. Fuel your body. What you put into your body will determine what you get out of it. Eating a nutritious diet every day will help you race faster, feel more energized and recover more quickly.

    Check out our Nutrition Tips for Runners to learn more about fueling your body pre and post-race.

Interested in connecting with others running the virtual Cabot Legacy Race? Check out the CabotFit and Cheeseboard Bloggers who are racing with you below:

The Cabot Fit Team is a group of bloggers, farm families and employees whose goals are to increase awareness about the importance of wellness through nutrition and exercise. The Cabot Fit Team participates in races and fitness events across the country, including our first-ever Virtual Race in 2014.

Our first official team participated in the 2013 Beach to Beacon 10K in August, which was chosen as the first of many races as a way to honor Cabot's 103 Maine dairy farmers. The team was made up of Cabot farmers and like-minded bloggers from around the country.

After a very successful experience at the Beach to Beacon 10K in Maine, we decided to run in our home state of Vermont in May of 2014. The KeyBank Vermont City Marathon & Relay has been voted one of the best marathon events in the country and boasts a unique 5-person relay team - there was truly something for every runner. Our team of runners were made up of Cabot employees, farmers, and like-minded, fit-focused and food-loving bloggers from around the country.

Check out the team below and follow our Cabot Fit Pinterest Board!

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