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Wonder Wheel! Food for Healthy Kids and a Healthy World Lesson Materials

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Wonder Wheel! Food for Healthy Kids and a Healthy World

Wonder Wheel Sustainability Activity

In partnership with Green Education Foundation (GEF), we developed The Wonder Wheel! Food for Healthy Kids and a Healthy World, a three part lesson plan for Middle School students to learn about sustainability. Students search kitchens to identify foods that promote the health and sustainability of their bodies, their communities, and their environment. They explore these areas to make a giant classroom "Wonder Wheel" highlighting their discoveries, and will apply their findings to make healthy changes at home and school.

This Lesson Plan Covers 3 Areas:

Part 1 — Healthy Kids

How do the foods I eat affect my body? Students will explore how to choose foods that are more sustainable for their health and their bodies through a "Make-Your-Own- Cottage-Cheese" activity, a nutrition label exploration, and will venture to rate the healthiness of foods from home.

Part 2 — Healthy Communities

Create and perform group skits to better understand different types of cooperatives and how they work. Using Cabot Creamery as an example, students will explore the value of cooperatives and how they help to sustain and support communities.

Part 3 — Healthy Environment

Package redesign contest to design a more environmentally-friendly package on a food chosen by a student team. Students will learn about waste and how they can help to limit it using the Reuse, Reduce, Recycle Model.

The Lesson Plan includes a Teacher Guide, a Classroom Presentation, and Student Handouts — all free to download.


These materials are provided compliments of Cabot Creamery Cooperative and Green Education Foundation (GEF). GEF is a global non-profit organization committed to creating a sustainable future through education. GEF provides curriculum and resources to K-12 students and teachers worldwide with the goal of challenging youth to think holistically and critically about global environmental concerns and solutions. www.greeneducationfoundation.org.

For more information on Cabot's Sustainability initiatives, please visit www.cabotcheese.coop/sustain.

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