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You've probably heard ...

You've probably heard ...

You've probably heard the age old saying, "Milk - it does a body good." But did you know that popular dairy foods like yogurt and cheese, made from milk, do a body just as good? It's true!

But many of us aren't eating enough of the dairy foods we love, even though choosing a variety of nutrient-rich foods (such as cheese, yogurt and milk) is a key recommendation of both the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and USDA's MyPlate. In fact, according to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, dairy foods offer three of the four "problem" nutrients Americans aren't getting enough of (calcium, vitamin D, potassium). And choosemyplate.gov recommends getting a serving of dairy at every meal.

Whether we have a mistaken fear of weight gain, lactose intolerance or simply a lack of time to prepare tasty dishes research suggests more than 85 percent of Americans are falling short of current dairy recommendations. Click through our health site to see what else you could be missing.