Yes, I want to row, run, walk or bike to Las Vegas


There are 28 stopovers between starting point Cabot and your big finish in fabulous Las Vegas – big cities and bends in the road, historic sites and scenic settings – and every one has something cool to do, to see, to experience on offer.
Check out your V2V Challenge route right here, then get going!

Stage Miles Chips
1 Whitehall NY 114 7
2 Herkimer NY 234 15
3 Seneca Falls NY 340 21
4 Buffalo NY 442 28
5 Erie PA 530 33
6 Cleveland OH 627 39
7 Mt. Vernon OH 726 46
8 Westerville OH 833 52
9 Lawrenceburg IN 891 56
10 Louisville KY 969 61
11 Evansville IN 1086 68
12 Mt. Vernon IL 1154 72
13 St. Louis MO 1179 74
14 Rolla MO 1285 80
Stage Miles Chips
15 Springfield MO 1394 87
16 Wichita KS 1613 101
17 Haviland KS 1710 107
18 Garden City KS 1850 116
19 Lamar CO 1925 120
20 Pueblo CO 2073 130
21 Alamosa CO 2192 137
22 Chimney Rock CO 2252 141
23 Four Corners 2374 149
24 Shonto AZ 2519 158
25 Grand Canyon AZ 2600 163
26 Seligman AZ 2700 169
27 Kingman AZ 2770 173
28 Las Vegas NV 2884 180
Cabot's Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Cabot VT

Here's where your Vermont to Vegas Virtual Challenge begins - Good luck! - and here's where Cabot Creamery Cooperative began, 90 years ago. In 1919, ninety-four farmers from the Cabot area figured that if they joined forces, they could turn their excess milk (they produced more than they could sell) into butter and market it throughout New England. At a cost of $5 per cow, plus a cord of wood to fuel the boiler, they formed a cooperative, bought the village creamery (built in 1893) and began producing butter, then the cheese that would become known as "the world's best cheddar." When you're really in Vermont, don't miss the chance to visit us and take a fascinating tour.

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Whitehall NY

Believe it or not, landlocked Whitehall, NY, was the birthplace of the U.S. Navy. It was here that the first USS Ticonderoga (many Navy vessels have used the name), originally a Lake Champlain steamboat, was refitted to sail to fight the British fleet in the Second Battle of Lake Champlain on Sept. 11, 1814 (BTW: we won). You can visit the remains of the historic fighting ship at a rusting metal shed along the old Champlain Canal in downtown Whitehall, next to the town museum. And don't be surprised, while you're in town, if you run into one of the 662 New York dairy farmers who own Cabot Creamery Cooperative.

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Herkimer NY

Herkimer, NY is home to the Herkimer Diamond Mines, where the beautiful eighteen-faced crystals are still being discovered today - by people from all around the world! There is nothing more exciting than an interactive adventure, and the Herkimer Diamond mines offer just such an experience for all visitors looking to doing a little mining of their own. It's a great place to take the family for some hiking, camping and diamond mining - arrive with a backpack full of great Cabot cheese snacks, and leave with a pocketful of the Herkimer diamonds!

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Seneca Falls NY

July 19-20, 1848, this town hosted the Seneca Falls Convention, which is considered the first women’s rights convention in American history. The Declaration of Sentiments signed at this convention outlined 12 resolutions for equal treatment of men and women in law and for women’s voting rights. This convention impacted subsequent women’s rights movements, including Title IX of the Education Amendment, which resulted in high enrollments of women in athletic programs. Today, sports such as running and rowing both have collegiate women’s championships thanks to these initiatives.

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Buffalo NY

In addition to earning entries to the Vermont to Vegas sweepstakes, exercise helps you keep in shape, lose weight, train for another sport, or rehabilitate from injury. There are also opportunities to compete! Sign up for a local road race to see how fast you can walk or run. Indoor regattas allow you to race others on the Concept2 Indoor Rower. Join rowers each February in Buffalo, NY for the Crewsader Erg Challenge. You can also rank your best rows online via the free Concept2 Rankings to see how you compare to others in your age group!

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Erie PA

Erie is Pennsylvania's only port city on the Great Lakes, and a great place to catch your breath on your Vermont to Vegas Virtual Challenge and enjoy nature for a day. Don't miss the Tom Ridge Environmental Center at Presque Isle, an educational center that's also a center for research, contributing to conservation efforts and promoting environmental awareness, helping to preserve the unparalleled beauty of Presque Isle, the site of Pennsylvania's only seashore. Did you know that Cabot supports the Good Deed Foundation, which donates 100 percent of its profits after taxes to community organizations that benefit the environment, women and families?. The farm families who own Cabot are partnered with the Good Deed Foundation and dedicated to making the world a better place.

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Cleveland OH

"Still like that old time rock ‘n roll, that kind of music just soothes the soul!" You mustn't miss the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland on your Vermont to Vegas Virtual Challenge tour of America — it's more likely to excite than soothe your soul. And what's likely to excite your tastebuds is a few bites of Cabot Sharp, Extra Sharp or even — are you sure you're ready for this? — some Seriously Sharp Cheddar. Find out for yourself why national and international juries have called Cabot "the world's best cheddar."

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Mt. Vernon OH

It's been called an "All American City" and "Ohio's Most Livable Community," and Mount Vernon makes an interesting stop on your Vermont to Vegas tour. It's also home to the Woodward Opera House, at the corner of South Main and West Vine, which opened its doors to the public in December, 1851, and is now on the national register of American historic places. Not quite as old as the Woodward Opera House, Cabot Old School Cheddar (aged five years), Vintage Choice Cheddar and Private Stock Cheddar are national treasures, too.

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Westerville OH

Westerville’s Hoover Dam is not to be confused with the larger, better-known Hoover Dam. But it is the major water source for Columbus, Ohio and holds over 20.8 billion gallons of water! Westerville Crew, a high school rowing team that rows on the Hoover Reservoir, recently won the Concept2 Rowtography contest for their intense photo showing boys versus girls racing on the Concept2 Indoor Rower. Low-impact sports, such as rowing, are suitable for all ages, sizes, levels of intensity and ability. Visit the Workout of the Day for fun ideas for a rowing workout.

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Lawrenceburg IN

If you stop in Lawrenceburg this summer on your Vermont to Vegas Virtual Challenge tour, head straight to the Swiss Wine Festival in nearby Vevay, which each year celebrates the cultural heritage of Switzerland County. Enjoy the wine, the music and dancing, a riverboat cruise, and even take your shoes off and join in the Grape Stomp. And anywhere you travel, enjoy the delicious pairing of wine and Cabot cheeses. We have some great ideas for you online. So swirl, smell, sip, taste and enjoy Cabot Cheddars — the world's best — paired with wines.

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Louisville KY

Louisville Rowing Club has been making rowing accessible to a community of people with many varied gifts and abilities. Athletes with challenges such as paralysis, amputation, vision loss, and hearing loss can adapt equipment to meet their needs. Read about adaptive rowing and find inspiration from these incredible athletes.

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Evansville IN

Evansville says it's "where the Midwest meets," and people do, indeed, come from all over the Midwest — and America — for the Fourth of July Evansville Freedom Festival and its Labor Day spinoff, the Thunder On The Ohio boat races — both held right in downtown Evansville. Wherever you are this summer, you're sure to be in sniffing distance of the aroma of backyard barbecues. Cabot has some great grilling ideas for your summertime fun, like Cheddar-Bacon Burgers with Chipotle Aioli and Grilled Summer Pizza, among others.

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Mt. Vernon IL

The Jefferson County Historical Village, Museum and nature Trail are definitely worth a few hours of your time on your Vermont to Vegas tour. Celebrate old-fashioned craftsmanship at the village, which contains original buildings and restorations from the late 1800's, including an operating printing shop, log homes and a church, an 1820 calaboose (jail), a windmill and grist mill, and a working blacksmith shop. And even though Cabot Creamery Cooperative utilizes the most advanced 21st century production technology, our master cheese makers carry on a tradition of hand-crafted quality that has earned Cabot every national and international award for taste and quality.

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

St. Louis MO

Competition can help give you goals in your training. The St. Louis Indoor Rowing Championships, held each February at the Washington University Athletic Complex, allows you to race others on the Concept2 Indoor Rower. Qualifying race times can earn racers a free trip to the World Championship! Consider visiting the “Gateway City” for an indoor rowing race, a walk or run in the shadow of the Gateway Arch, or a bike ride on the McKinley Bridge Bikeway.

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Rolla MO

In "the middle of everywhere," as the city's website proclaims, Rolla, Missouri, is indeed in the middle of the Ozark Highlands American Viticultural Area, and so at the heart of the Midwest's burgeoning wine industry. Treat yourself to a winery tour or two while you're in the area, and treat yourself — anytime, anywhere — with a wine-and-Cabot cheese snack. Which first? Try one of the red -wine-and-cheese pairings at Cabot's website — you'll be delighted you did.

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Springfield MO

The First Friday Art Walk is a regular first-Friday-of-the-month event that's a family-fun way to spend an evening of browsing and sightseeing in downtown Springfield, and it's free. So are the fruit-wine tastings at the Oovvda winery in Springfield, "in the heart of the Ozarks, just north of I-44." Oovvda's web site advises you to "Bring a picnic basket, come and sit outside and watch the hummingbirds." Nice idea, but when you're not in Springfield, and whatever's in your picnic basket, consider some of the delicious white-wine-and-Cabot cheese pairings you'll find at Cabot's website.

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Wichita KS

Wichita, KS embraced pre- and post-war entrepreneurism in the spirit of fast food nation: Pizza Hut, White Castle, and Taco Tico were all founded here. A combination of exercise and healthy food choices can help you stay on track with your fitness goals – and away from the drive-thru. Visit Cabot for nutrition tips and Concept2’s workout advice to learn about rowing for weight loss.

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Haviland KS

Named for Quaker Laura Haviland, a leader of the Underground Railroad, Haviland is truly small-town America, less than half a square mile in size, and with a population of fewer than 600 people. But it's known far and wide for its meteorite finds connected to the Haviland Crater and for an annual meteorite festival — including meteorite digs and star-gazing — held in July. What a good place to stop for a star-gazing roadside snack, to open up your backpack (filled with Cabot cheeses, right?) and, in keeping with your healthy Vermont to Vegas Virtual Challenge regimen, to enjoy some Cabot Reduced Fat Cheddar. See the succulent selections. To your health!

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Garden City KS

Working your way across the western Kansas prairie and on your way to the foothills of the Rockies (you can see them for hours before you reach them) in Colorado, you can't help thinking about the energy you'll still need even well after you've passed the halfway point on the Vermont to Vegas Virtual Challenge. Cabot Cheddar cheese — and so many other Cabot dairy products — are energy itself in an all-natural package, and an excellent source of calcium. Find out more about your body's needs for "3 a Day of Dairy" at Cabot's website.

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Lamar CO

Crossing Colorado is a lot of work! All this exercise can help in your weight loss or weight management goals. If you are trying to lose weight, the math is simple: Burn more calories than you take in. Full-body exercises, such as rowing, are super efficient at burning calories with minimal stress on your legs and feet. To find out how many calories you burn while rowing on a Concept2 Indoor Rower, click here.

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Pueblo CO

Okay, now we're officially "out West." The majestic Rockies soar above the Pueblo, Colorado, skyline, the culture and the atmosphere is much more Native American and Tex-Mex than it was lately in the Midwest (and certainly more so than Back East in Vermont). So what better way to pause on your Vermont to Vegas Virtual Challenge tour of America to celebrate (and enjoy) your surroundings than with flavored Cabot Cheeses, especially those that capture the flavors of the Southwest, like Habanero Cheddar and Chipotle Cheddar?

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Alamosa CO

In the San Luis Valley of Colorado, the Alamosa area is a camper's dream come true. North America's highest sand dunes flank some of the continent's highest mountain peaks in the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. The 100,000-acre Medano-Zapata Ranch is a Nature Conservancy preserve where bison herd and free range elk coexist. And the San Luis State Park and Wildlife Area is a unique desert ecosystem that should not be missed. And for your camping trip — or backyard cookout — don't miss the mouthwatering campsite recipes you'll discover at Cabot's website.

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Chimney Rock CO

Chimney Rock Archeological Area and National Historic Site lies on 4,100 acres of San Juan National Forest land. Two majestic natural stone pillars give this site its name, although over 200 structures exist, many belonging to the ancestors of the modern Pueblo Indians. The moon rises between the Chimney Rocks in an 18.6 year lunar cycle – a mysterious and beautiful site. You can celebrate this year’s full moon with the Concept2 Blue Moon row. Rowing challenges provide motivation for your next workout. Row twice in one day to complete the Blue Moon challenge!

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Four Corners

What state are you in? Any one of four, when you stand at the Four Corners Monument where the state-line boundaries of southwest Colorado, northwest New Mexico, northeast Arizona and southeast Utah all meet. What a great place to take the kids on your Vermont to Vegas Virtual Challenge, to learn something (perhaps a great deal) about four states, the Navajo Nation (in which three of the four corners are situated), and their country. Cabot Creamery Cooperative is deeply involved in children's education, as well as their health, with Tools for Schools, which you can read about, along with some other good education- and community-based ideas.

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Shonto AZ

This little Navajo County town — fewer than a thousand people — is deep in Native American country. The small population is, in fact, nearly 100 percent Navajo. It may be just a way station on your Vermont to Vegas Virtual Challenge tour, but don't pass it by without a second look. Stop, say hello, open that well-stocked backpack of yours — the one that's chock-full of Cabot goodies — and share some of your snacks with Shonto's citizens. And as for snacks, we have some great ideas, even some you can put together at the last minute when company's coming.

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Grand Canyon AZ

The Grand Canyon was carved out by the Colorado River over a period of six million years. Sightseeing, whitewater rafting, hiking and running are popular activities in this National Park – providing many opportunities for an active vacation. Whitewater rafting, in particular, is a physically demanding sport, requiring upper body strength, superior range of motion, and fast reactions. Prepare for adventure with the Concept2 Indoor Rower. Rafting involves paddles instead of oars, but you can still expect to burn up to 350 calories an hour while power stroking the Colorado.

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Seligman AZ

Yes, indeed, "get your kicks on Route 66." And Seligman is where Arizona's revival of America's Historic Route 66 began, and where the longest continuous stretch of Route 66 is still in existence. It's a fun town, where the past and the present exist in harmony, and cafes like the Snow Cap (built from scrap lumber half a century ago), the Copper Cart and 66 Road Kill (really!) are known all around the world. And while we tip our hats to Seligman and Route 66, we're proud of the fact that Vermont's own Cabot Cheddar is known internationally, too, named the "world's best cheddar" at national and international competitions.

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Kingman AZ

Let's keep going on America's most famous old highway, to "the heart of historic Route 66," according to Kingman, Arizona's Chamber of Commerce. In Kingman's clear-sky, high-desert atmosphere — you're up 3,300 feet — take in the Historic Route 66 Museum, the Army Airfield Museum, and the Mohave Museum of History and Arts, all of which recount travels on Route 66, and depict the World War II era and the early days of railroading, mining and ranching. That knapsack of yours should be about empty by now, so it's time to do some last-minute, on-the-road shopping, at, Cabot's online shop that's as close as your desktop at home or your laptop on Route 66 — and which always features some money-saving specials for your enjoyment — wherever you are.

Scenes from the Cabot Vermont to Las Vegas Virtual Challenge

Las Vegas NV

We're here — you're here! Congratulations, you made it all the way from Vermont to America's fun capital, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. We hope you've enjoyed your Virtual Challenge from Vermont to Vegas with Concept2 and Cabot. And we hope you've enjoyed learning about Cabot's many delicious and healthful dairy products (don't forget "the world's best cheddar"). We hope that you will take the time to learn more about Cabot's 90-year-old cooperative roots and our community-values-based way of doing business, click here.

Hey Challengers! It's a long, hot road to Vegas, so The Wizard wants to be the wind beneath your wings...or feet, or pedals, or oars!

Here's 10 hours of Encouragement from all of us at Cabot.

Good luck!
The Wiz

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