A Message to Our Communities

Our farmers are dedicated to making sure those on the front lines have nutritional support.

April is National Volunteer Month - all month long, we invite ER nurses, EMTs, and all front-line health workers to register for a shipment of our individually wrapped 3/4 oz. snack bars and snack sticks. We'll continue to ship until we run out.

We're farm families throughout New England & New York who get up before sunrise daily to milk our cows. We're grateful to those who pick up our milk. We're proud that we own plants and employ good folks who test, age, package, sell, and deliver our world-class products.

And now more than ever, we honor our retail partners who put Cabot on their shelves or online. We're part of the larger food team who keep the U.S food supply flowing, the ones who feed our communities and nurture our families when it matters most. 

We've been honoring our farmers’ values for decades with our Gratitude Department. We grew their brand by honoring our volunteers among our consumers and retail partners. We're deep breathing, praying, chanting and dancing for health, after the chores, before the sun comes up again on behalf of one another for another blessed day.