Howes Farm

Duane Howes never thought of giving up the family farm, but he did stop milking cows for several years until his son, Eric, asked if they could start again. Eric is the fifth generation of Howes to work on the Vermont farm and he hopes that at least one of his three children will fall in love with farm life like he and his father before him. “Eric was always my shadow. He wanted his kids to grow up with cows like he did. I bought them for the grandkids,” Duane explains. During the farm’s cow-free years, Eric admits it was nice to have a break from twice-daily milking, but, “It was like a piece had been taken out of the puzzle. The barn was empty and I realized I really missed the cows. I wanted my kids to have what I had. Growing up on the farm, you really do understand life. You see it coming and going.”

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