The Farm Families who own Cabot thank you!

Does your organization work to make your community a better place? Do they assemble or collect at food banks during big drives? Do they build, clean, or clear neighborhood housing, gardens, playgrounds or beaches?

We want to help fuel busy volunteers and staff, no matter what they are doing to help make the world a better place. Any volunteer organization is open for consideration.

Meet the Cabot Team!

Our energetic and engaging Grille chefs and team will travel to your event location in our colorful Cabot plaid food truck.

Once we get there, we’ll prepare and serve our favorite variations on mac & cheese, protein-packed smoothies, flavorful soups, grilled cheese and lots of other Cabot favorites. If you have connections to locally-sourced foods, we love incorporating regional ingredients into the food we prepare.

Community Programs

Cabot values the spirit of community and local ownership, and we support the places where our families and consumers live and do business. We are inspired by our farm families who have traditionally been the first to volunteer in their communities when help is needed. The goal of the Gratitude Grille is to honor this spirit of cooperation by supporting community volunteers around the country. 

Be sure to check out the Reward Volunteers program. It's a free, easy way to track the time you spend volunteering in your community — and to earn rewards for your contributions.   

Reward Volunteers, Log Your Time Now


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