Big Whoop About Zip

Written By Roberta Harold

An adaptation of William Shakespeare’s comedy Much Ado About Nothing, this play is specifically designed for high school students.

When current issues, characters and themes – including hip hop, drug prevention, soccer, and even politics – update this Shakespeare comedy classic, the laughs get even bigger. Big Whoop About Zip is everything to these teens who like to pretend it’s no big deal to encounter emotions such as love, villainy, and friendship. 

This is theater kids can relate to, and in the process gain an appreciation for Shakespeare. For directors, it’s a sure-fire winner, with a flexible cast, strong scenes, and product donations from Cabot Creamery!

If you decide to produce the play, your only obligation is to run a Cabot ad in your program or performance hand-out. This gives the farmers who own Cabot credit for their investment in your students and community. Please send us a copy of the materials as proof of honoring this commitment. We’d also appreciate receiving copies of any reviews or letters from the cast, crew and audience.

*The script, art for the program cover, poster and tickets are available upon completing the registration form.