The 2015 100 on 100 Relay Race

For the 3rd consecutive year, the employee #CabotFit Team participated in the 100 on 100 this past Saturday, a six-person relay race in Vermont that winds through one of the prettiest 100-mile stretches of road in the country going from Stowe to Okemo Mountain. This year, we had double the fun, adding a 2nd team making the trek in a Cabot van, wrapped in our iconic plaid.

Cabot Plaid Swag Bags!

Cabot Plaid Swag Bags!

Cabot is one of the sponsors of the race, providing plaid eco-bags for race materials, along with Greek yogurt (and Vermont Maple Syrup!) and cheese to participants at the starting line.

Romeo serving up breakfast for some hungry runners!

Romeo serving up breakfast for some hungry runners!

Each runner runs three legs throughout the day, averaging about 6 miles each. Teammates follow along (or lead) in the Cabot plaid van, making sure the current runner has enough water and preparing the next runner for their leg. The relay ‘baton’ is a neon yellow snap bracelet. There are few more satisfying feelings than finishing your run and slapping the wristband on your teammate’s wrist!

The two Cabot teams stretched across a good portion of the Co-op, with members of the Supply Chain, Human Resources, Export Logistics, Marketing, Customer Relations, Field Staff, Fulfillment, Accounting, Manufacturing and even a former employee. Three states were represented on the team (Vermont, Maine and Massachusetts) and many of us did not know each other prior to the race, but we made fast friends and everyone played a unique and critical role in keeping the van moving.

Cabot Legacy Runners Cabot Team LegenDAIRY
Runner #1 Lisa Grafton Chuck Devine
Runner #2 Nick Managan Peter Chernovetz
Runner #3 Margaret Campbell Cristin O’Donnell
Runner #4 Kimberly Palermo Rachael Clark
Runner #5 Ashlie Graham Jordan Clark
Runner #6 Dave Erickson Matt Keister


Members of the two Cabot teams that participated in the race.


The Journey

After an early morning trip to Stowe, some beautiful views at Trapp Lodge and making a quick breakfast of Cabot Greek Yogurt at the registration tent, both Cabot teams hit the trail at 7am. The surreal fog cover quickly burned off and left us with some hot and humid running throughout the morning, but by early afternoon, thunderstorms rolled over the area to provide some much cooler air and cover from the sun.

Cabot's Lisa Grafton

Cabot’s Lisa Grafton

The organization of the race is very impressive and the volunteers at each transition point are always amazing, keeping everyone safe and energized. We always love meeting the individuals spending time on behalf of their organizations and sharing some cheese.

Cabot's Margaret Campbell

Cabot’s Margaret Campbell

While the 100 on 100 is technically a relay ‘race’, the spirit of the event is much more supportive than competitive. You will hear nothing but encouragement (and the occasional cow bell) on the road from passing vans, other runners, volunteers and local police.

Cabot's Peter Chernovetz

Cabot’s Peter Chernovetz

The two Cabot teams were running side-by-side the entire day and finished within about 7 minutes of each other after a strong push by Team LegenDAIRY to pull ahead during the final leg. Pretty impressive for a 15 hour run.

Cabot's Chuck Devine

Cabot’s Chuck Devine

A few more of our highlights:

  • The anticipation during the 6am ride to Stowe and upon reaching the Trapp Family Lodge.
  • One of the Trapp Lodge chickens attempting to stow-away in the Team LegenDAIRY van!
  • Stopping in on two of our farm families along route 100, Simplicity Farm and Liberty Hill Farm. The Turner Family was unavailable, but we stopped to take a photo – it’s a beautiful spot in Waitsfield, just a short distance from the Cabot Administrative offices.
Stopping for a visit at Simplicity Farm in Waitsfield Vermont

Stopping for a visit at Simplicity Farm in Waitsfield Vermont

  • And we did have the pleasure of seeing the Kennett Family at Liberty Hill Farm in Rochester. They operate a Bed & Breakfast – the first ‘Green’ B&B in the state and were also the VT 2014 Innkeepers of the year. It’s always a treat to visit and this time we also got to meet two new additions to their herd – twin Holstein girls, not yet 10 minutes old. Mama and babies were all doing great!
Visiting with the Kennett Family at Liberty Hill Farm in Rochester Vermont

Visiting with the Kennett Family at Liberty Hill Farm in Rochester Vermont

  • Sharing Cabot Cheese with the runners, police / traffic control and volunteers we meet.
  • Pam Erickson’s (Dave’s wife) chocolate chip cookies
  • The joy of finishing our last legs…and crossing the finish line together
  • The first sip of our celebratory beverages of choice!
Cabot's Nick Managan

Cabot’s Nick Managan

The #CabotFit team was even able to put some of our hard-earned teamwork to use the next morning when, after locking our keys inside the plaid van, Kimberly Palermo and Jordan Clark were able to fish the keys off the driver’s seat through a half-inch crack in the back passenger-side window using only their ingenuity and two coat hangers!

Cabot's Dave Erikson

Cabot’s Dave Erikson

In the three years the Cabot Team has run the 100 on 100, there is always hesitance from the first-time runners. Many people have never run that much in one day, would rather not wake up at 4:30am on a Saturday and wonder what the van is going to smell like at the end of the day…and those green mountains are just a little intimidating, too! But there is nothing but enthusiasm and excitement to get back out there from those of us who have participated. We always come away grateful to live in such a beautiful place, surrounded by so many amazing people.

Both of the Cabot Team's at the finish line!

Both of the Cabot Teams at the finish line!

…And now it’s time to go start training for next year.

Recap by three-time 100×100 vet, and Cabot employee Nick Managan.


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