2014 Cabot Community Tour: Georgetown, SC

Because we believe that strong, healthy, and unified communities make for a better world.

Sunday May 25th, 2014*
Georgetown, South Carolina

Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Appreciation

Volunteers of the Georgetown Habitat, Bruiser and Linda hosted a wonderful event for Habitat for Humanity Georgetown County including Philadelphia students. Staff and Gratitude Grille as well as our glorious Skotts from Cabot Community Tour.

Grille Team member Mark Hackett describes the events on Sunday:

Today, the Cabot Gratitude Grille event was in a public park in historic Georgetown, SC. On the way out of Charleston, the Grille team passed the Community Tour bikers peddling towards Georgetown on Route 17. It’s hard to believe as we passed them that they would meet us at our event that evening. Sure enough right on time Myron, Kathy, and Basil joined us right at serving time.

The Cabot Grille team rolled into town through a modest downtown that was so familiar looking, very much like most Vermont towns we know so well. Except, here there are Live Oaks dripping elegantly with moss and spreading their branches so far they crown the street just like the plantation era Gone With The Wind trees. We had to be ever so careful navigating the main street as our Grille hood is just shy of 13 feet and we didn’t want to catch a limb.

Our set up was along the water in the lovely open park with a picnic shelter with tables with plenty of room to set up our Grille and a Cabot tent under a tree. Over 50 volunteers and support staff for the local Habitat for Humanity Georgetown County Headquarters came to the park to be served Legacy Tomato Basil Mac and Cheese.

We knew we had a good crowd when within minutes people were asking for the recipe for the BBQ and Pesto dips made with Cabot Greek Style Yogurt. A fresh vegetable platter was piled high with tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, and red, yellow and green peppers. People got to taste and enjoy both dips, while visiting with each other in the park.

Mac and Cheese came out of the smokers hot and bubbly just as a group of college students arrived, part of a group helping to build homes for a week in Georgetown. They have a home used just for these types of groups that can house up to 20 young people to help at build sites. The Georgetown volunteer coordinator Nan Gadek spoke highly of their skills and dedication and was so glad we were there to feed this group a good dinner. Plus, their normal or everyday volunteers, who support and keep their chapter going; She could not believe the call she got from Cabot asking if we could come and honor their volunteers. She was amazed there was little or no paper work, she didn’t have to fill out a grant, raise funds, or jump through hoops. It was so easy and of course she said “Yes.”

One older couple was “addicted to Cabot white cheddar”. They discovered Vermont white cheddar twelve years ago on a fall trip to New England. They both lit up when I stopped to visit with them. They had stayed at Shelburne Farms and liked it so much they have been back three times.

“Every Sunday night their dinner is cheese and crackers.” “Cabot is OUR cheese.” So they loved seeing the Cabot Famers’ Gratitude Grille when they arrived at the event.

The director of the Georgetown Habitat has been to the Cabot plant. He loves our products as well and I think he may have found a new favorite and took home a pocket full of 3/4 oz. bars at the insistence of Roberta.

It was a good evening because as we were picking up and cleaning up, people lingered and continued to visit. That’s the sign of a good party.

A light breeze kept the bugs at bay and the skies were clear.

Two college students from Philadelphia helped us out by having a third helping of mac and cheese so we could clean out the serving dish.

An RV power outlet was right were we needed it. Hot water, air conditioning, refrigerators humming, lights, camera, action! – We were good to go. Once we were packed up, the Grille was spit spot and ready to honor and feed our next group of volunteers.

On the way out of town. the sidewalks were full of people enjoying ice cream, pizza and taking evening walks. It’s impossible not to notice the truck and trailer decked out in bold red plaid. One woman holding a pizza box yelled out to us…….”There goes my favorite cheese!”

-Mark Hackett, Cabot Gratitude Grille Team

About the Tour

The 2014 Cabot Community Tour is a celebration of the work of cooperatives, service organizations, and volunteers and honors our 1200 farm family owners’ three most cherished principals: Cooperatives, Community and Volunteerism. From May 17 through June 21, the Tour is following a route along the East Coast Greenway, stopping at cities and towns along the way, meeting with organizations and their volunteers and honoring the work that goes into making a healthy, vibrant, and sustainable community.

Supporting the tour is the Farmers’ Gratitude Grille, a traveling kitchen conceived by the farm families who own Cabot. Cabot chefs prepare healthy, delicious meals as a way of thanking those who generously give their time to others in their communities.

Our farmers understand the value of volunteerism, and how donating time and services make communities stronger and healthier. Interested volunteers who can’t join us on the Cabot Community Tour can still get involved by visiting the Reward Volunteers website, and downloading the free Reward Volunteers iPhone app, or using the online web widget. Reward Volunteers is a free, easy way to track the time you spend volunteering in your community – and to earn rewards for yourself and the organizations you serve.

The 2014 Community Tour was created by Cabot Creamery Cooperative and its fellow sponsors and supporters, including: AARP Create the Good, East Coast Greenway, HandsOn Network, Marriott, National Life Group, and local affiliates of Habitat for Humanity.

*Updated Tuesday 5/27/14 to include a recap of the event from Mark Hackett

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