What’s in a Number? The Road to B Corp Certification

Cabot’s journey to becoming a certified B Corp started in 2009.  Little did we know the years it would take to achieve this important certification for our business.  We spent three years trying to meet the magic number 80.  What’s an 80 mean?  By 2012, it meant we met the minimum requirements to join a league of 600 companies across the US and around the globe that give a damn about people, the environment and financial integrity. In the six years since we were certified, that number has grown to 2,358 certified B Corp companies including the likes of Ben & Jerry’s and Patagonia.

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So, why did it take so long? Why wouldn’t our co-operative principals be enough to prove our belief in doing what’s right for our farm family members, employees and our customers?  Don’t we walk the talk about being green and good?

Well, the more than 200 questions that make up the B Corp certification assessment are demanding. Answers must demonstrate your business is a force for good in your community, your state, your region, and your country.  B Corp now includes companies from 130 industries across more than 50 countries that share and shape this ethos.  It is meant to be rigorous, not porous, in what it takes to be certified.

Take this assessment question from the last time we went for recertification: “What percentage of cooperative members are from low income, poor and very poor populations?”  We had this one nailed.  Our farmers live in rural areas.  That’s going to help put our score up over 100 easily.  WRONG.  Yes, we have farms in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, but we also have farmers in Connecticut, outside Boston and in towns like Saratoga Springs, NY or Stowe, VT.  Some of the ritziest areas in the Northeast.  That brings down our average.  Imagine the pressure on these farmers to sell their farms to developers.  Imagine the millions they give up just to keep farming.

Cabot has now been recertified as a B Corp three times since we started.  Our score is now 92.7.  We WILL reach three digits someday as we are committed to using our business as a force for good – good pay, good ethics, good values, good product and good sustainable practices for the good of the communities where we farm and sell the World’s Best Cheddar.

With February as B Corp month, and the month better known for lovers, let us celebrate our 1,000 farm families, who toil 365 days a year to care for their beloved bovines and know to their core that life is much more than numbers.  That said, when a number like 92.7 indicates their business is contributing to a better world, it makes the hard work that much sweeter.  We can certify that is our case.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our B Corp friends – from the dairy farm families who own Cabot!

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MaryBeth | February 09, 2018 | 11:25pm

I totally support our local farmers and Cabot..keep up the great work!

    Rachael | February 12, 2018 | 8:46am

    Our farmer owners appreciate your support MaryBeth! 🙂 ~Rachael

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