Being Your Best in 2016

The holiday rush has passed and we’re ready to ring in the New Year. Now is the perfect time to shift your priorities and work on being the best version of YOU!  The end of the year is always stressful with holidays, travel, parties etc. We’re encouraging you to relax, reset and kick off 2016 with a healthy body and a positive mind.

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Instead of getting caught up in the desire to diet or detox, here are some things to focus on instead:

  • Your health – be sure you’re taking care of your body.
    • Aim to get 8 hours of sleep each night.
    • Make working out part of your daily routine, even if you have to start with just a walk around the neighborhood.
    • Choose real, whole foods as often as possible.
    • Take the time to plan and prep for the week to minimize stress and poor choices.
  • Your happiness – take time to do things you enjoy.
    • Schedule a night out with your significant other and leave the kids at home.
    • Read a book for fun.
    • Call a friend to catch up.
    • Surround yourself with people who lift you up and make you laugh.
  • Your eating habits – focus on eating mindfully.
    • Don’t eat on the run. Sit down and focus on your food.
    • Chew slowly so you can taste and enjoy what you’re eating.
    • Don’t restrict certain foods. Instead, choose smart portion sizes and savor them.
    • Experiment in the kitchen to find new foods you love and things you truly enjoy eating.

Try some of these tips for a happy and healthy new year!

 Here are some recipe ideas to kick off the new year:

Jicama, Avocado & Cheddar Salad

Jicama Advocado and Cheddar Salad with Lime Dressing

Peach Recovery Smoothie

Cabot Peach Recovery Smoothie

Maple Moo Smoothie

Cabot Maple Moo Smoothie

Easy Moist Turkey Cheeseburgers

Easy Moist Turkey Cheeseburgers

Crustless Spinach Quiche

Crustless Spinach Quiche

Anne Mauney - Fannetastic FoodAnne Mauney –  fANNEtasticFood

I’m all for people making decisions to change their lives in a healthy way. But that said: I’m not a big new year’s resolution person. Big resolutions, while made with good intentions, are often too broad and overwhelming and can be hard to translate into real action. Setting small daily or weekly goals really helps with making healthy living a lifestyle change vs. a quick fix — or a huge overwhelming goal that is never reached. The key is to make sure the goals are specific and measurable, focusing on daily action in the short term. Here’s an example: Resolution: “I will lose weight this year.” vs. Daily/Weekly Action: “I will eat at least one extra vegetable every day.” or “I will eat a healthy breakfast 5 out of 7 days of the week.”

For a quick and healthy breakfast option, try my Perfect Microwave Banana Oatmeal

Perfect Microwave Banana Oatmeal

Being Your Best in 2016 - Cabot Creamery

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Regan Jones is Cabot’s National Nutrition Communications Manager and the main voice behind @CabotRD on Twitter. Self-described as a “registered dietitian by education and food-lover by birth,” she writes for the Cabot Creamery Blog from her home in Georgia.


Judy Seames | January 12, 2016 | 5:59pm

Just to let you know that I bought a Wheel of Cabot Cheddar Cheese, cut it up and gave it to Family and friends for Christmas. Everyone was happy to get some Christmas Cheese. I have done this for several years and everyone looks forward to this tradition. Keep up the good work of making the best Cheddar Cheese.

Judy Seames

    Rachael | January 13, 2016 | 8:34am

    Thank you so much for the kind words – Our farmer owners are grateful for your support and loyalty! ~Rachael

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