How To Build A Holiday Cheese Board

If you’re in charge of hosting a holiday party this year, odds are you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed. Playing host comes with a whole list of responsibilities covering everything from cooking to house cleaning. As you’re planning your menu, we highly encourage you to add some cheese! Sure, we’re a cheese company… so that’s what we do. But cheese boards turn the burden of serving an appetizer into the beauty of being called an amazing host!

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Cheese boards are fun to make, easy to customize and make great finger foods for your guests. Sure, cheese can be a little higher in calories than the fruits they pair so well with, but don’t let that stop you from serving them up with confidence that they’re a healthy choice for all of your guests.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you’re planning your healthy cheese board:

  • Enlist some help. If you’re not a cheese expert (and really how many of us are?) enlist the help of the people at the store. Tell them what kind of party you’re having, who is attending and what other foods you’re serving. Ask them to make some suggestions about which cheeses to include on your board.
  • Keep it simple. Flavored cheeses may sound delicious but for occasions like this it’s best to stick with plain, original flavors so you can really enjoy the flavor of the cheese itself!
  • Offer different cheeses of the same variety, all with a different flavor profile. For example, you could serve three different cheeses from the Cabot Legacy Collection, each paired with different sides. Check out this video for tips. Don’t go overboard with varieties: 3-4 different types is fine!
  • Offer a range of flavors and textures. Choose your cheeses and pair them with things like fresh or dried fruit, olives and spiced nuts.
  • Make it visually appealing. Consider the color and shape of the different components of your cheese board and organize them in a logical and inviting way.

These simple tips can help you build a healthy cheese board for your guests that everyone can feel good about eating!

Check out these recipes for a couple of cheese board examples:

Simple Cheese Board

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Special Occasion Cheese Board

Special Occasion Cheese Board

Gourmet Cheese Board

Gourmet Cheese Board

While we know cheese can star solo on a cheese board, it’s even better with some tasty serve-withs — like mouth-watering meats! Our B-Corp friends at Vermont Smoke & Cure have been crafting delicious smoked meats  since 1962. Using simple, local ingredients and regional Vermont recipes, their products are always free of added sodium nitrites, and crafted from vegetarian-fed meats raised without added antibiotics or hormones. We recommend the Summer Sausage and the Smoked Pepperoni as the perfect tagalong to your holiday cheese board.

Vermont Smoke & Cure & Cabot Cheese

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Regan Jones is Cabot’s National Nutrition Communications Manager and the main voice behind @CabotRD on Twitter. Self-described as a “registered dietitian by education and food-lover by birth,” she writes for the Cabot Creamery Blog from her home in Georgia.


terry gingrich | November 18, 2016 | 7:07am

I’d buy more cheese if I had a coupon!!!

Gordon | November 18, 2016 | 8:30am

Excellent, easy and uncomplicated

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