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What better way to enjoy the long days and warm nights of summer than out of doors? Summer camping is a great way for everyone to enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer in the summertime.

Camping can be as simple as setting down a sleeping bag under the stars or as upscale as glamping in the comfort of a tricked out tent or an RV with all the comforts of home.

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One thing that can take any camping trip from good to great is the food you bring with you. Camping food should be easy to pack, easy to store, and easy to put together. Keeping utensils to a minimum helps too.

That’s why at Cabot we think one of the best camping food ideas to come down the trail is Cabot Cracker Cuts. These pre-sliced squares of The World’s Best Cheddar come in six delicious flavors; each resealable package has 26 slices ready for your next snack or meal under a brilliant blue sky or a blanket of stars.

Cracker cuts are perfect for a snack. Add a handful of nuts and you have enough protein and energy for a full day of outdoor fun. At mealtime Cracker Cuts are just the right size for sandwiches or burgers cooked over a campfire.

You say glamping is more you style? How about a wine and cheese party around the campfire? Crisp crackers topped with Cabot Vermont Sharp Cracker Cuts would pair nicely with an oaky Chardonnay and the sound of leaves rustling in the summer breeze. Or how about ripe red strawberries served with Cabot Pepper Jack Cracker Cuts and a slightly fruity Pinot Noir? Now that’s camping food heaven.

Sharp Cheddar Cracker Cuts
Pepper Jack Cheese Cracker Cuts
Maybe your camping tastes lean to a more rugged style. Pack your favorite beer or soft drink along with Cabot Seriously Sharp Cracker Cuts and Vermont Smoke and Cure Meat Sticks. No prep, no fuss, just great camp food taste!
Seriously Sharp Cheddar Cracker Cuts
If outdoor cooking is your jam, we have some tasty recipes that are made even better on a camping grill. Check out just a few of our favorites!
BBQ Pork Burgers with Monterey Jack
Grilled Cheddar Flatbread with Garlic Thyme Oil
For your next camping trip, bring the great taste of Cabot Cheddar in their new, convenient, and totally yummy Cracker Cuts. Because Cabot Cheddar makes camping food so much better!

Camping Food Pro Tips

Make a List – Planning food for your trip takes a little bit of organizing. Make a list of the food – and drinks – you will need, along with utensils, pots and pans if you’re cooking, and cooking equipment.

Keep it Clean
– Wash your hands often, especially when preparing food. Hand and face towelettes and disinfecting wipes can help when you’re not near running water.

Keep it cold
– Be sure that any uncooked food is kept in a cooler with enough ice to keep the temperature under 40ºF. When you stop to make camp, be sure to put the cooler in a shaded area. Use ice blocks for cooling food items and cubes for cold drinks.

Keep it small
– Instead of containers of condiments like ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise, bring individual packets. They don’t need refrigeration and they cut down on space and waste.

Be prepared
– Take along a first aid kit in case of burns or cuts.

Pick it up
– Be sure to bring along trash bags and take all your trash with you as your leave your campsite. Bring extra food storage bags for leftovers.

Don’t forget to hydrate
– Make sure to have lots of water to stay hydrated. Camping can be hot, tiring work. You’ll need extra water to slake your thirst.

Two final words
Cheddar S’Mores! You haven’t lived until you’ve tried Cabot’s version of classic S’mores. The sharp taste of cheddar replaces the sweetness of marshmallow and it is divine. Try them around your next campfire.

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