Cabot’s Co-operative Values

The founding farmers who formed Cabot Creamery Co-operative back in 1919 knew they were stronger together than they were apart. That spirit of togetherness, community, and linked prosperity is what makes a co-op a co-op. Those original farm families wanted to make world class dairy products in a way that lifted up the entire community, nurtured the soil that sustained them, invited education and curiosity, and ensured a more prosperous future for the next generation. 

We like to think that over a century later, those original farmers would be proud. Cabot still makes the world’s finest dairy products that win awards year after year, while creating stronger communities, healthier soil, and working tirelessly for our members. 

A co-op is a special kind of business, and we’re excited to share some of the specific Co-operative Values that we think make Cabot Co-op one of a kind.

Concern for Community: The communities where our farms & plants/offices are located & beyond, mean everything to us. That’s why every year our farmers give back, supporting firefighters with free cheese and meals during Fire Prevention Week and with goodies for teachers on Cabot Teacher Appreciation Day. “Our staff always looks forward to it,” says Becky Akins of Five Mile Farm. “Our local farm families organize an appreciation breakfast with Cabot yogurt and cheese.”

Farmer Amanda Freund, of Freund’s Farm, adds that “My family has been farming in this community for over 70 years. Nourishing our communities, frontline and essential workers, especially through a pandemic, is just part of what it means to be a farmer owned cooperative.” 

Education & Training: Opening our doors and sharing our way of life is so important to our farmers, which is why we recently launched the Cabot Farm Trail, an interactive guide that invites visitors to explore our farms beyond the cheddar, from tours, to local food, to cozy Bed and Breakfasts. We also offer educational opportunities, such as our Scout Patch Program, Pen Pal Program, and Young Co-operators Program.

Fairmont Farm’s 4-H Club, founded by farmer Clara Ayer, is a natural extension of her family’s commitment to education. “I love seeing the kids take an interest,” says Donna Hall, Clara’s grandmother. “It spreads the word, and we like that.” 

Co-operation Among Cooperatives: We love supporting and partnering with other co-ops who share our values. Recently, we led initiatives to support credit unions throughout the Northeast by sending their employees samples of the World’s Best Cheddar to thank them for being frontline financial workers during the pandemic.  

Members’ Economic Participation: 100% of our profits go right back to the farm families who own our co-op. Why is this so important to us? It means that people—our farmers—not stakeholders, benefit from our success.


Click here to learn more about the principles that guide Cabot Co-op, and as ever, thank you for supporting our farmer-owned co-operative. 

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Pam Caldwell | June 28, 2021 | 7:54am

After reading this, I love Cabot even more!!!

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