Charcuterie Lunches for Busy Weekdays

Everyone loves charcuterie. A mouthwatering array of meats, cheeses, fruits, nuts, and pickles that lets you enjoy a little bit of everything you’re craving. Really, what’s not to love? 

We invite you to embrace what you love about charcuterie platters to add some delicious variety to school & work lunches for your family. They’re easy to make. Delicious to enjoy. And, of course, give you another way to enjoy the World’s Best Cheddar—and all your favorite sweet and savory accompaniments. 

While there are no rules for what to include in charcuterie lunches, we’ve assembled some flavor combinations to ease the hassle of weekday meal prep and add bold flavor to midday meals. 

Charcuterie Lunches for Kids

For kids’ lunches, it’s all about balancing delicious flavor with healthy food. The good news is that not only is award-winning Cabot cheddar the World’s Best, it’s also naturally rich in protein and calcium.

For the perfect school lunch, we like to pair:

  • fresh fruits
  • crunchy pretzels
  • hearty trail mix 
  • your favorite Cabot cheese, like our farmers’ Seriously Sharp Cheddar

If you want to add some extra love that will raise a smile, use cookie cutters and cut your cheese into seriously cute stars, hearts, or dinosaurs!

Charcuterie Lunches for Adults

When building your own charcuterie lunch, the flavor combinations are endless. Get creative and have fun. We like to build lunches that deliver not only luscious flavor, but texture contrasts that make for unforgettable bites.

Spoil yourself with a colorful lunch with the flavors of:

Your tastebuds will be so happy, you may catch yourself smiling through the rest of the workday. 

Ready to Up Your Cheese Game? 

You love the mouthwatering taste of Cabot cheese. Now it’s time to take your cheese love to the next level. Whether you’re looking to assemble a showstopping cheeseboard for an upcoming party, or want to learn how to cut, serve, and store cheese like a pro, Cabot has all the delicious answers. 

Making a Cheeseboard: A cheeseboard is the ultimate showcase for our farmers’ bold, award-winning cheddars. 

Cheeseboard Recipes: These are our favorite cheeseboards, with recipes to suit any occasion. 

How to Serve Cheese: From wood to slate, learn how to choose the perfect serving platter. 

How to Cut Cheese: Slice, wedge, cube, triangle, and crumble Cabot cheese like a pro. 

How to Store Cheese: Keep your cheese fresh and preserve the bold, creamy flavor you love. 

Other Lunch Ideas

Working from home? Have a sick child? Got the day off? We’ve assembled some other lunch recipes that are perfectly easy to prepare and so easy to love. From Pasta Salad in a Jar to Mexican Quinoa Soup, there’s something for everyone. 

Thanks for choosing Cabot, owned by our co-operative of family farms for over a century. Your support means the world to our famers, and all of us at Cabot. 

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Rita Cantrell | August 02, 2021 | 4:17pm

Love this idea … charcuterie for lunch or even a light dinner! SO … what are those crackers in the adult recipe??? They look delicious’

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