5 Tips to Get Your Classroom Ready for Fall + A GIVEAWAY!

Summer vacation is never long enough. While Cabot can’t get you extra days at the beach, we can help you think through your classroom set-up so August is as stress-free as possible. We surveyed over 700 teachers and found out that nearly 70% are already planning for the new school year!

Here are 5 simple but helpful tips to get you started:

#1: Set Yourself Up First

Before you jump into setting up your classroom, start by organizing your thoughts with a bullet journal. Bullet journaling takes any notebook and turns it into a super-powered to-do list; a place to store things you need to do and things you don’t want to forget. You can jot down notes in staff meetings, ideas for lesson plans, or brilliant things students say, all in one place. Use the monthly calendar page to write down the high point of every day in a single sentence that you can look back on during the summer next year.

#2: Move Stuff Around

Raise your hand if you keep the same classroom, year after year. Now keep your hand raised if your desk is in the same place where you found it your first year. Switching up your classroom set up can jumpstart creativity and communication among your students. If your desks have all been facing the front of the room, experiment by putting them in a square so everyone faces into the center. Try flexible seating or moving your desk from one corner of the room to another. Shake things up to shake new ideas loose.

#3 Find Free Resources

We all know that classroom supplies and resources can be pricey…in fact, 83% of teachers we surveyed are concerned about the cost of classroom resources.  The farm families of Cabot support the work that you do in your classroom by providing free resources-we have lesson plans, gratitude activities, sustainability projects, plays and posters.  You can find these (and more!) free resources at cabotcheese.coop/education.

#4 Snacks Matter

As teachers, you all know that healthy snacking provides children’s brains with the nutrients they need for academic success.  Help your students make healthy, protein-packed choices by making them together! Creating healthy snacks together gives a chance to work on following instructions, working on simple math concepts and ensuring great food choices…all at the same time. Use Cabot’s Apple Fractions snack to introduce fractions or our Blueberry Parfait to talk about simple sequencing.  You can find more easy classroom-ready recipes at cabotcheese.coop/recipes.

#5 Leave Space for Positivity

Social-emotional learning is just as important as facts and figures. Introduce mindfulness to your classroom, even if it’s just kicking off your class with a minute-long breathing exercise. You can find plenty of ideas online to get you started with weaving SEL into every subject or age group.

The farm families of Cabot want to help you get your classroom ready for your new crop of students. We are giving 10 teachers $100 Amazon gift cards so you can go to the head of the class when it comes to getting your classroom in order.

We asked teachers what they were most excited about for the new year!

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Shirley Symon | July 18, 2019 | 8:36pm

I am most excited about meeting the new 6th graders and seeing how the 7th -11th graders have grown over the summer.

Ina Fowler | July 19, 2019 | 2:58pm

This is wonderful!

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