Cabot Cheese is for Grilling

garyWe’re featuring Gary House, blogger at Cooking Outdoors. He’s the ultimate grill master, and he’s sharing all of his tips and trade secrets!

Cheese is Perfect for Grilling
Did you know, and this may come as a surprise for some of you, cheese is perfect for grilling! First let me preface this by saying that just about everything you cook in your house can be cooked outdoors on or in a grill, Dutch oven or smoker box, plus a few other techniques that you may never want to try indoors.

I’ve been grilling and outdoor cooking for over thirty years and many a recipe has crossed my path, with an enormously large amount of recipes including cheese. You can stuff with it, top with it, mix it, melt it and even smoke it. Smoking your own cheese is easy to do if you have a grill or smoker box.

With cheeses coming in such a vast array of types and flavors, pairing up cheese with your meal is extremely easy to do using the resources Cabot Cheese has made available to you. When throwing your next outdoor party, think of adding cheese to your grilled appetizers, grilled salads, main or side dishes and even desserts.

Gary House from Cooking Outdoors, demonstrates how easy it is to melt Cabot Cheese and whip up a tasty burger in minutes!

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Here are some Gary’s favorite grilling recipes from the Cabot site:

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