Take a Cool Dip into Cabot Greek Yogurt

Cool and creamy with a delicately tart bite, Cabot Greek yogurt is made for summer. It is delicious layered in granola and fresh berry parfaits, buzzed into healthy smoothies, or frozen into wholesome homemade popsicles.

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But that’s not nearly all, folks! Our mild, thick, plain Greek yogurt also makes an exceptional blank canvas on which to blend all sorts of flavors to create an endless menu of creative yogurt dips and toppings.

Stir in a handful of herbs, a sprinkle of spice, a squeeze of lemon and you’ve got an easy but impressive way to dress up grilled meats, seafood or vegetables and take a quick weeknight meal to a different level―or even continent! On the sweet side, the yogurt makes a healthy dipping option for fruit or pretzels whenever the snack monster comes knocking. Plus, get our favorite ways to substitute greek yogurt for other toppings such as mayo, sour cream, cream cheese, and more!

Take these ideas out for a spin but really, the sky is your limit. Tell us how you use Greek yogurt to simultaneously cool down and spice up your summer!

Slather the classic refreshing Greek yogurt dip known as tzatziki chockful of cucumber and dill on meat or vegetable kebabs, falafel, or just put it out with a pile of baked pita chips and veggie sticks for dipping.

Jazz up the veg and chip platter at your next barbecue or picnic with a spicy-savory Sriracha and blue cheese dip, smoky barbecue dip, or southwestern-accented avocado-chipotle-lime dip. Any of these would also make a stellar toping for a fresh-off-the-grill burger!

Expand your menu with global flavors like this super-simple Indian-inspired curried yogurt dip or Italian pesto yogurt dip. Use them to dunk broccoli florets and bell pepper strips, or spoon over grilled fish steaks or chicken breasts.

Power up snack time with Greek yogurt-enriched dips for fresh fruit, pretzels or graham crackers. Try cinnamon-dusted maple yogurt dip, stir in some sifted cocoa powder and honey for a chocolatey treat, or try a sophisticated ginger-lemongrass yogurt dip.

Of course, it’s a great snack on it’s own too – with fruit, granola, or a variety of other toppings, Greek Yogurt is really the base for all things yummy. Use our store finder to get it near you.

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