Dispatch from the Northeast: Cold, Comfort, and Care

The fallen snow is making a new kind of sound below your feet. It’s somewhere between a crunch and a high-pitched squeak. If you live in the Northeast, you know what the sound means: It is cold outside. Frosty enough that even the snow you now walk upon is calling for mercy.

It’s the kind of cold that has people feeling bad for their cars as they struggle to turn over in the morning or cringe as exposed cellphones quit as soon as they leave pockets. Households creak and baseboards hiss. Cords of firewood quickly deplete.

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Winter began on December 22nd and with it came an arctic wave that had snow falling from Houston to Atlanta and temperatures dropping below zero from the Baltimore to Bangor. Weather forecasters and trending social media hashtags resorted to words like ‘polar vortex’ and ‘bombcyclone’ to describe what was happening outside.

The hearty folks and farm families of the Northeast, however, just call it winter. Trending terms do little to rattle our resolve. From work to play, community service to caring for cows, the winter thus far has merely meant an extra layer of clothing, another log on the fire, and embracing the unique mindset -30 degrees Fahrenheit requires. Here’s a quick recap of what we have been up to here in the north.

Any frosty day needs to start out with a solid breakfast and a breakfast skillet can bring needed warmth.

Whether on the slopes – or on the trail – covering and layering up is the name of the game for any type of outdoor activity. The flipside to the cold is that snow depths in the hills of New England and New York have been deep, allowing for adventures of all sorts.

For the farm families who own Cabot – there are no days off. Cows must be milked, chores must be completed, and the family must keep the business running. Christmas, nor a cold snap, or even a Nor’easter can change that simple fact.

At Valleyside Farm in Woodstock, Connecticut, Angela Young shared these thoughts on the deep freeze:

“Whatever the season or the reason for the added hours, even the coldest temps remind us that we are all in this together and it is in working together to bring our cows all they need that truly binds us. At the end of a long cold day, a warm apple pie with a slice of Cabot cheddar feels pretty good too. We are blessed.”

Valleyside Farm

On Carlwood Farm in Canaan, Connecticut, Rene Boardman offered these thoughts as the snow fell on her farm:

“I began night milking while my mother started plowing out the driveway with the tractor. Later, as I fed a new baby calf her bottle, I thought to myself, ‘This is what it’s all about’. Mom and I finished chores together, checked on my grandparents who live at the farm and headed home to a warm dinner. What could be better than coming home to enjoy a warm Cabot grilled cheese?! I admire my mom so much. She cares for our cattle 24/7/365. Rain, sleet, or snow… she never cuts a corner.”

Cross Country Skiing

The days are short this time of year. Whether cross-country skiing on a frozen lake or capturing the setting sun on the coast of Maine, taking advantage of the limited daylight is a must.

Snowy Coast

Of course when the thermometer bottoms out, checking in on those most vulnerable in our local communities is as important as ever. Whether volunteering through hospice and Meals on Wheels, or just checking in on a neighbor in need, it’s inspiring that such weather can actually bring communities closer together.

As night falls and chilled souls gather by the fire, a dinner of taco salad or mac and cheese is something to savor. Not to mention the calm a hot chocolate topped with whipped cream can bring.

Taco Salads & Hot Chocolate

Board Game

As we settle into an evening with our favorite board game (check out our huge board game recipe contest!), we can’t forget about our pets! They too have been battling the elements and deserve a reward for their hearty demeanor – perhaps some homemade treats will do the trick.

Homemade Dog Treats

Winter isn’t over yet. The months ahead will bring thaws and another deep freeze or two. Snow will fall, Nor’easters will blow through, and the people and farms of the Northeast will stay hunkered down enjoying this season for what it is, knowing the next season is always just around the corner.

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