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June 14 is World Blood Donation Day, but the fact is that every two seconds, someone desperately needs blood. Today fewer people than ever before are donating. Currently only three percent of the population gives blood. That means there has never been a more important time to donate. It’s clear that the demand for blood outstrips the supply, but the American Red Cross wants to change that. They know that when A, B and O blood types are missing from hospital shelves, lives of patients are on the line.

Type A, B, or O blood is needed every 2 secs. Those letters = life. Are you the #MissingType? @redcross Click To Tweet

To combat this nationwide blood shortage, the American Red Cross has launched the #missingtype campaign during which celebrities and companies like Cabot will remove the A, B, and O from their logos to spread the call for new donors. We hope you’ll join Cabot and other iconic companies in sharing the message of the American Red Cross #missingtype movement. Together we want to ensure that no need for life-giving blood goes unmet. Since 1995, Cabot has a proud partner of the American Red Cross. We believe that no gift is more valuable than life-saving blood, and for more than two decades, we have supported the American Red Cross with donations of our protein-packed ¾ oz bars, the perfect recovery snack for blood donors.

The following piece is a personal story is from Cabot’s VP of Marketing Roberta MacDonald.

When I think about my own first time donating blood, it’s right up there with my first kiss—nervous, excited, happy. Only this time I was helping. I was a sophomore in college, and as class president, I was trying to show that donating blood was the right thing to do. Especially at a time when college campuses around the country were in turmoil over the Vietnam War. Let’s do something good, I thought. Only, I didn’t weigh enough to donate! I was determined, though, so I slipped a crystal ashtray into my sweater pocket– and voila – the missing three pounds. A record blood drive was achieved.

Back in 1989, when Cabot’s promotional budget was smaller, Vermont ski areas graciously welcomed our farmers and employees to their lift lines to give away cheese. Vermont retailers also allowed us in to give out samples. We knew—and still know—that if folks try the world’s best cheddar—they will come back for more.

But how could we expand our distribution to places like Albany or Boston or Tampa? There were no farmers or ski slopes nearby.

Then, in 1995, fresh from my routine blood donation in Barre, Vermont, I noticed all the recovery snacks were candy. Why not offer our ¾ oz bars as a scrumptious alternative? We developed a poster that our sales reps posted on bulletin boards to promote our cheddar with donations, and our partnership with the American Red Cross took off from there.

Twenty-three years later, we still support blood donors with as many as 10,000 donated cases of ¾ oz bars across forty-six states. Our farm families are honored to donate their cheddar to those who are helping others. And through our Reward Volunteers program, our farmers, employees, and friends have logged over 2,400 hours giving blood in eighteen states.

Blood is an amazing fluid that can’t be replicated. Some even say that giving blood is good for your liver and blood pressure. I know that when I give blood, I imagine it’s full of good juju. That the kid with cancer is cured, that the mother undergoing emergency surgery is saved, that the blood shed is restored.

You’ve heard it before: giving blood saves lives—every day, not just during emergencies.

Help spread the word about #MissingType, and donate blood any day that you can.

Our friends at the American Red Cross have a message for you:

  • Without A, B and O, we can’t save anybody.
  • Help Fill The Missing Type.
  • Make Someone Whole Again.

You can help by giving blood. Better yet, help your organization or employer host their own blood drive! Check out our how-to guide on setting up a blood drive and support this important cause.

And don’t forget to log your hours on Reward Volunteers and help spread the good word.


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Kristin Haskins | June 07, 2018 | 8:56am

I used to go to blood drives all the time. It didn’t take anything out of my day.
Then, I needed some medicines, and that was still fine. But I haven’t gone lately, it’s mostly a transportation issue..No car, and I don’t like buses because I was almost left in one alone once, when the driver didn’didn’t notice me still on!
At any rate I doubt, at 68, I am even eligible, now.

brianboyle | June 22, 2018 | 12:52pm

As a former blood recipient, thank you for supporting the Red Cross mission and the Missing Types campaign!

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