Easy Dessert Recipes For Any Occasion

This roundup features some of the best, easy-to-make dessert recipes on Cabot’s site.

When it comes to satisfying a sweet tooth, sooner is almost always better than later and easy trumps complicated just about any time. Here at Cabot we have so many enticing, easy-to-make dessert recipes, you won’t know where to begin. And they’re all easy to make, and even easier to enjoy.

Each of the sweet treats in this seductive selection is made with wholesome ingredients, so you can be assured that the taste will be incomparable. From creamy parfaits to tart, refreshing frozen treats, fresh fruit plays a role in several of our dessert selections.

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Or if you’re a chocolate lover, you’ve come to the right place. Cabot has amazing chocolate dessert recipes that will have the chocoholic in your life saying, “yes, please!”

Here is a roundup of some of our very favorite, oh-so-easy dessert recipes, from the Cabot kitchens.

Let’s start with a dessert that might taste sinfully rich, but is made with healthy ingredients like blueberries and Cabot Greek Style Vanilla Bean Yogurt. Try this recipe for Blueberry, Mint & Vanilla Bean Yogurt Parfaits; they’re as pretty as they are delicious.

Here’s another way to add blueberries to a dessert to amp up the anti-oxidants and enhance the flavor. We love this recipe from the new Cabot Cookbook, a collection of simple, wholesome dishes from America’s best dairy farms. From the Krebs Organic Dairy Farm, in Starks, Maine comes Billie Jo Krebs’s signature dessert, Blueberry-Lemon Cheesecake Squares. They are a versatile, easy-to-manage variation on a classic cheesecake. Because they’re baked in a rectangular pan and served in squares, they’re picnic or potluck perfect.

The dense, sweet perfection of pound cake is evident in another farm family favorite dessert recipe from the pages of the Cabot Cookbook. You will swoon over the light, lemony flavor of the Richardson Family Farm’s Lemon-Yogurt Pound Cake. The Cabot Greek Style Yogurt adds moistness and tang for a new and tasty twist on a familiar sweet treat.

How about one more fruit flavored dessert? These Key Lime Pie Frozen Pops have all the great taste of Key Lime in a cool, refreshing iced pop. In one final flourish, they’re dipped in chocolate to make them doubly delicious.

With only three simple, natural ingredients, this ridiculously easy-to-make Greek Yogurt Chocolate Pudding is sure to delight – whether you serve it after dinner or as an after school snack. We like to dip into our pudding with Pretzel Crisps. The combination of sweet chocolate and just a hint of saltiness is irresistible.

A little more chocolate, you say? Why, I don’t mind if we do. You won’t know until you’ve tried our variation on an American classic, but we’re willing to bet that these Cheddar S’mores will soon become a family favorite. Substitute sharp cheddar for the marshmallow in these sweet sandwiches and you have a surprisingly delicious dessert – think of the taste of chocolate cheesecake. Perfect around the campfire or at your next dinner party!

From Cheddar S’mores it isn’t too big a leap to try Cabot’s unique take on a familiar and much-loved treat – chocolate fudge. We’ve added sharp Cabot cheddar to amp up the taste – and the protein – in our recipe for Cheddar Cheese Fudge. You won’t believe the raves you’ll get when you make this unique dessert.

Our last chocolate offering is one that almost no one can resist – Chocolate Chip Cookies – made with Cabot Unsalted Butter, Cabot Plain Greek Style Yogurt, and King Arthur Flour. Because, really…is there anyone out there who doesn’t like chocolate chip cookies?

Cabot Sharp Cheddar, honey, and chopped pecans – that’s all you’ll need to make these delicious little bites of yumminess, perfect with tea or cider and fun to make with even the smallest kitchen helper. The good news – these Honey-Pecan Cheddar Bites are packed with protein, so they’re great after school or after a big game for hungry students and athletes.

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Candace Karu reports on all there is to discover and love about food and farming as well as communicating Cabot’s mission to support community, volunteerism, and sustainability. Whether online, on air, or in person, her job is to amplify the passion and commitment of the 1200 farm families who own Cabot. When Candace is not representing Cabot, she lives, cooks, and works out in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

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