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Exeter, Rhode Island


Though Cynthia Laprise was raised on a dairy farm, she and her husband Scooter are relative newcomers to running their own dairy operation. They’ve owned the farm all along – Scooter and Cynthia believe that a farm is the best place to raise a family – but they added their registered Jersey cows a mere six and a half years ago, in February 2008.



The idea of family is in the very DNA of EMMA Acres – it’s named after the four Laprise children, Elizabeth, Matthew, Maggie, and Alex. Scooter runs a successful logging business and Cynthia is a full-time registered nurse, but taking precedence over everything else is cows and kids, often at the same time.



Scooter is known for taking farm kids under his wing and helping them show their cows at local fairs. He even makes sure that kids who want to participate but don’t live on a farm or have their own animals, are able to borrow animals to show. These kids take care of their temporary charges and put their heart and soul into making a good showing at every outing. It’s just one more way Scooter brings dairy farming into the community.



Here are Cynthia’s answers to our Farmer Friday questions:

What is the best thing about being a dairy farmer?

The best part about dairy farming is the arrival of the new babies! As our farm grows we get so excited about each new calf and what their potential is for our farm. With each generation of calves we hope to improve genetics and see the benefits of breeding choices. The babies are the best part of farming by far!


Classic Grilled Cheese


What is a favorite family meal?

When things get really busy on the farm, we like to keep mealtime pretty simple. You can’t go wrong with a grilled cheese sandwich – made with Cabot Cheddar, of course – and soup. We like this one, Tomato Cheddar Soup, especially in the fall and winter.

Tomato Cheddar Soup


What is your favorite time of year on the farm?

My favorite time of year on the farm is springtime. I just love seeing everything green up and blossom. But the girls would say summer because that’s show season. And showing cows is what they love to do most! They love getting their animals beautiful and ready for a show.



What is the one thing you would like people who have never experienced farm life to know?

We have people come to visit our farm pretty regularly and when they visit I always want them to know that we care a lot about our animals. I tell them how much time we put into making sure they have a well balanced diet and clean living conditions. I love for visitors to watch us milk and in fact encourage them to come at milking time. This way they see the effort we put into making quality milk. I believe people should know where their food comes from and how farmers work so hard to be good stewards of their land and good caretakers of their animals.



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