Farmer Friday: EMMA Acres

Exeter, RI

For this week’s Farmer Friday we are pleased to feature Alex LaPrise (shown above) of EMMA Acres in Exeter, Rhode Island. Alex studies Entrepreneurship at the University of Rhode Island and shares what is was like to attend college and give up some of the responsibility at home. For more about EMMA Acres, check out their previous Farmer Friday, the Virtual Tour Page on the Cabot website, or the EMMA Acres Facebook Page.

the LaPrise Family

the LaPrise Family

Alex LaPrise

Alex LaPrise



Scooter LaPrise loves 2 things: dairy farming & kids.  Read more abt EMMA Acres on @cabotcheese’s #FarmerFriday post 



Scooter LaPrise

Scooter LaPrise

What do you miss most about the farm?

As I still live on the farm I am able to experience as much or as little as I choose. Attending school, I do notice I miss out on things. I most miss the little things I can do around the farm. When in high school I was always working around the farm and college doesn’t allow much time for projects. I miss things like training the calves to drink out of a bucket or organizing the calf barn. Those projects always seem to be done the nights I’m not available to help. It’s just the little things…

Alex LaPrise

Alex LaPrise


Do you see dairy farming being part of your future?

Absolutely. I attended college with the intention of coming back to the farm and helping to make it more successful. Although I did not study dairy science, I am majoring in our business school. I will learn the business side of the farm and be able to help run the business side of things. In addition to the farm, my dream has always been opening up an ice cream shop right on the farm. This will help the farm generate additional revenue and also put my skills to good use. Dairy farming is definitely in my future.


Elizabeth LaPrise

Is there an aspect of dairy farming that has helped prepare you for college?

Every aspect of farming has better prepared me for college. I learned at a young age that hard work pays off in the end – a mindset which is a huge asset in college. I see many other students take shortcuts and end up with undesirable outcomes. I put pride in everything I do at school, and see the outcome in my successes. Everything you do on the farm is keeping the end product in mind, and it is helpful to do the same with college.



Has being away at college changed your sleep pattern?
Thankfully I was able to attend a university nearby where I am able to commute. This way I am able to be active on the farm, as well as attend college. In regards to the question, my sleep pattern has not been affected. Luckily, my father takes the role of morning chores. This gives me time to do school work and studying before class. After class I usually do more school work, then help with the evening chores.

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