Farmer Friday – Emergo Farm

Emergo Farms, Danville, Vermont

Emergo Farm is located just outside the town of Danville, Vermont. The farm has been home to the Webster family for more than 150 years. Today, it is under the care of fifth-generation farmer Bebo Webster, along with his wife Lori and their son Justin.


After more than 150 years, Emergo Farm continues to grow. The Websters are currently enlarging the barn, with the goal of increasing the milking stock to 150 heads. In addition to the successful dairy operation, Lori transformed Emergo into a Bed & Breakfast in 1997.


Guests are treated to panoramic views of picturesque green pastures, delicious home-cooked breakfasts, tours of the modern free-stall milking parlor and historic barns, and the chance to relax in the peaceful bucolic atmosphere. Emergo Farm is also one of the closest member farms to the Cabot Creamery Visitors Center.

Meet Bebo & Lori Webster of Emergo Farms. It’s #farmlove & the #farmlife on this week’s #FarmerFriday on the @cabotcheese blog


We asked Lori about her experiences as an Innkeeper. Thanks, Lori!

How much is the farm a part of the experience of staying at your Bed & Breakfast?
It is certainly part of the experience. Many people visit to experience the beauty of the Northeast Kingdom, but the quiet life of our farm is a bonus!


Do visitors ever help with the chores?
Not many visitors grab a shovel and very few are up for the morning milking, but many of our guests will venture into the barn to take pictures of the cows and calves.


Visitors ask a lot of questions about the cows, calves and dairy farming in general. Some questions I’ll never forget; What do we use tractors for?  What do you call baby cows?  Do we (humans) eat all that corn? Bebo and I always get a kick out of the questions guests ask.

What surprises visitors most about life on the farm?
Discussing the life of a cow is usually the most engaging conversation. We often discuss the effort we put into caring for each cow, their dry period, that she gives birth once a year, what we do with cows when they are done milking, how much milk they produce, etc. Visitors are often surprised at the weight of calves when they are born. They are also surprised to hear that my husband, son and I run the whole farm.


Do visitors have a favorite dish you serve?
They like the idea that all my breads are made from scratch. They also appreciate that I use organic eggs and greens picked from the garden. They love my buttermilk pancakes with local maple syrup. Most of our guests go home with local syrup.

Do you have many repeat visitors?
We have one couple from Arizona that has been coming to Emergo for the last 14 years. A family from Massachusetts also comes regularly. A photographer from Florida made a book for us, this will be his third year.  Several cyclists have returned over the last four years. They love Vermont!

What time of year is busiest for you?
Fall foliage for sure. The Northeast Kingdom offers some incredible scenery.


What are some of the local activities for guests?
They love exploring Vermont and soaking up the beauty. They like visiting Cabot Creamery, Ben & Jerry’s, Dog Mountain, Maple Grove Farms and hiking to Webster Hill to see the panoramic vista. There is also cycling, Groton state park, the Fairbanks Museum, miniature golf and the Cog Railway. Breweries have become very popular. There are many things to do!

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Kristin Erika Haskins | March 15, 2017 | 2:46pm

I just remembered that I used to go to (and through) Danville, when I was working at an animal shelter! Much of the time, I’d get to drive cats and dogs to the various network of outlying veterinarians (in the shelter’s van), and there was a vet in Danville back then…maybe there still is.
It was a beautiful ride, as I recall, and a beautiful area.

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