Farmer Friday: Holiday Edition

David and Peggy Ainsworth

David and Peggy Ainsworth

Westland Farms
South Royalton, VT

Dairy farming is much more than a full time occupation, but David and Peggy Ainsworth always find room for more. In addition to representing the 5th generation on Westland Farms in South Royalton, VT, the family has consistently shown the passion for civic engagement so common in the Northeast – particularly among farm families.


In addition to the dairy farm and operating a farm stand where they sell vegetables grown in their greenhouses, Peggy was a teacher for 30 years at the local elementary school. She was also in the town’s fire department for six years and currently serves on the Town Select Board. David and Peggy are both Justices of the Peace, both have served as Town Moderator and they each serve on the Windsor County Dairy Promotion Board. David also served in the Vermont Legislature from 2007-2010, one of the most recent active dairy farmers to do so. He holds several important positions within our Cooperative, including chairing the Resolutions Committee.

Celebrate with @cabotcheese’s #holiday #FarmerFriday edition ft. the plaid Santa & his wife, David & Peggy Ainsworth!


When the Ainsworth’s aren’t farming or running to a meeting, they can often be found reading to local children or giving them a tour of the farm and teaching the young visitors where their food comes from.


Peggy speaks for both of them when she says, “We love dairy farming, and we love Vermont. It’s very satisfying to be involved in so many ways.”


The Ainsworth’s interest in giving back to their community made David a perfect fit for the role of ‘Plaid Santa’…that and his beard. For the past several years he has delivered the World’s Best Cheddar to people all over the Northeast, both in grocery stores and occasionally to the unsuspecting groups of neighbors who make their communities run – fire fighters, police officers, non-profit organizations, hospitals, libraries and others.


It’s all about honoring the cooperative principals that guide us. The Ainsworth’s are one of the many Farm Families who embody that spirit and we’re proud to share their stories. We’d like to thank David Ainsworth for sharing a little about his holiday plans in this special edition of #FarmerFriday:

Do you have a favorite (holiday) Cabot Recipe? What makes it special?

Here’s a favorite recipe from Peggy’s family:

Cranberry Marshmallow Cream

(Ingredients for 10 people)

1- pound fresh cranberries, ground

1- 20. oz. can of crushed pineapple

1- cup sugar

1- 10 oz. bag of miniature marshmallows

4 – cups of Cabot Whipped Cream

Mix together berries, pineapple, and sugar in a large bowl. Fold marshmallows into whipped Cabot cream. Fold whipped cream mixture into cranberry mixture. Chill until serving time.


Why do you love the Holiday Season?

We love the holiday season because for one day out of the year, people focus on one thing, Love, sent to earth in the form of a tiny baby. What could be more simple yet so profound?


Thoughts on the importance of family?

It is through family that God’s love has been passed through the ages. Hopefully the love we have given to our children and grandchildren will continue to be passed on.


What are your plans for Christmas Day?

Our Christmas Day will be very simple this year. We will arise at the regular time to milk the cows and do calf chores. We’ll go in the house to have breakfast and maybe open a few gifts. Afterwards, we will go back out to the barn to do the daily feeding and cleaning chores. After that, we’ll be able to go into the house and enjoy presents around the tree with our children and grandchildren. Who knows what we’ll have for lunch!

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