#Farmlove – Freund’s Farm and Laurelbrook Farm

Nutmeg NannyBrandy blogs over at Nutmeg Nanny and her recipes are beyond words. We are so lucky that she was able to spend some time at Open Farm Sunday with some Cabot farmers!

Growing up in Ohio I was used to having friends that were farmers. Most farmed soybeans and corn but I had a few that were dairy farmers. What I remember most about my friends is that even from a small age they worked hard. They grew up farming and to this day still farm.  Cows don’t stop producing milk in the middle of winter (when it’s -30 degrees!) or in the middle of summer (when it’s 100+ degrees!) so their work literally never ends. It takes love and dedication to the animals to promise you will always do your best to take care of them.

Dairy farming is 365. It takes love and dedication, and it is totally worth it. #FarmLove Click To Tweet

That’s why when Cabot asked me if I wanted to attend their Open Farm Sunday I jumped on the opportunity. I had actually never been to one of their events but I love Cabot so I knew I had to go. Plus the farms were only an hour away so I had zero excuses to not get out and have some farm fun. I was lucky enough to visit two farms on the day I went – Freund’s Farm and Laurelbrook Farm.

Farmlove | Cabot Creamery

Now, true confession it was pouring rain on the day of the visit and I was thinking to myself “Oh gosh, how is that even going to work?” Well, I’m happy to report that it went off without a hitch! Even though it was drizzling and foggy I dressed warm, put on my boots and had a great day.

Farmlove | Cabot Creamery

At Laurelbrook farm I hung out a few baby cows (seriously, the cutest thing ever!), took a hayride through the rain, visited cows hanging out in their barns, talked the vet who was kind enough to show me a baby cows via a microscope and had some of the best ice cream ever! Totally complete with a dollop (or two) of Cabot whipped cream.

Farmlove | Cabot CreameryFarmlove | Cabot Creamery

I think the thing I loved most was that even though the weather was less than stellar everyone still came out to celebrate and have a good time.

Farmlove | Cabot Creamery

Over at Freund’s Farm, I found myself face to face with a giant tray of mac and cheese (major weakness alert!) and so many barns full of adorable cows and calves. I had the pleasure of walking around with one of the family members and getting to hear firsthand what it’s like to grow up and live on a farm.

Farmlove | Cabot Creamery

I learned everything from how they raise their calves to how they divvy up fieldwork. The coolest thing about Freund’s Farm was their use of milking robots. I have seen plenty of milking barns and while I know the modern day dairy milking is far from hand milking into pails this was next level Jetsons material. The cows walk in and the machine takes it from there.

Farmlove | Cabot Creamery

The machines also show how much milk the cow is producing during the milking and can even differentiate each cow so that no cow is milked too often. I have to admit I was taken back and totally engrossed in watching the whole thing from start to finish.

Farmlove | Cabot Creamery

Even though both farms ran a bit differently the thing I took away from both is that they care about their animals and they love their work. It’s not about everyone doing it the exact same way. It’s about making a quality product and having a little bit fun along the way.

Farmlove | Cabot Creamery

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