3 Steps to Fuel Your New Year

Healthier recipes (like this Miso Cheddar Caesar Salad Wrap) are just one part of starting your new year right. Check out recommendations from three of our favorite Cabot RD’s for creating a healthier you in 2022!

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Step 1: Start Your Day on the Right Foot!  Cabot registered dietitian Sara Wing suggests choosing to eat foods that you love AND that support your health goals. Sara recommends starting the day with high-protein food that will fuel all of your day’s activities, like Cabot’s Whole Grain Get Up and Go Bars. “Breakfast eaters, in general, maintain a healthier weight than breakfast skippers. So starting your day with a healthy breakfast can be a great first step in reaching your 2022 goals!”, says Sara.

Whole Grain Get-Up-and-Go Bars

Raspberry Lemon Slow Cooker Oats

Step 2: Stay fueled during the day. Providing fuel every 3-4 hours throughout the day can maximize energy and lean muscle, reduce body fat, and prevent overeating later, according to Cabot RD Regan Miller Jones. Snacks can provide important vitamins and minerals and keep you satisfied until the next meal, especially when you include protein-rich foods like cheese and nuts. Regan’s best tip: Make sure healthy options are available when hunger strikes. Have fruit and veggies washed and ready to eat. And whip up some delicious dips to take produce to the next level.

Apple Cheddar Almond Snack Mix

Sriracha Blue Cheese Swirl Greek Yogurt Dip

Step 3: Get moving and have fun! Cabot RD Donna Decaille finds activities she loves so exercise never feels like a chore.Create a fitness plan that works with your schedule and is something you look forward to, like a dance class or listening to an entertaining podcast while taking a brisk walk. Find a workout buddy or meal prep pal to make meeting your goals fun!”, suggests Donna. After exercise, eat a snack or meal with carbohydrates and protein to refuel your body and meet your health goals.

Charcuterie Lunchbox

For more tips and recipes check out Cabot’s Fuel Up for Fitness guide.

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