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Brianne from Cupcakes and Kale Chips joined us in DC to celebrate Volunteer month with the Cabot Gratitude Grille team this past month. We thank her for coming along and sharing about her experience!

The only thing better than grilled cheese is grilled cheese with a gorgeous view. That gorgeous view is Lake Fairfax Park in Reston, Virginia, known as the crown jewel of the Fairfax County Parks Authority. But the real jewels are the volunteers who are essential to keeping the parks, rec centers, camps, nature centers, and more thriving for the citizens of Fairfax County and all who visit.

Cabot Creamery | Gratitude Grille

As National Volunteer Appreciation Week drew to a close, the Cabot Farmers’ Gratitude Grille made one final stop in the greater Washington, DC area. After spending the better part of the month thanking volunteers on behalf of the Cabot Farmers, Chef Jimmy Kennedy and the Cabot crew could not have had a better day to serve one final round of delicious grilled cheese to the people who help make the parks of Fairfax County, Virginia a more beautiful, fun, and educational place. The line seemed as endless as the work these volunteers do day in and day out.

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Cabot Creamery | Gratitude Grille

As you would expect, one of the major tasks of the Park Authority volunteers is to keep the parks and gardens clean and green, truly being stewards of the land. But the work they do goes well beyond that, as they support not only grounds themselves, but the many facilities, activities, and programs that are offered to the residents and visitors of Fairfax County. There are many historical sites that are part of the park system that not only must be maintained, but docents also give tours of these sites. The parks also have rec centers and gyms for people to work out, and they are staffed by volunteers who check people in and do other administrative tasks. When you combine all of the different programs, there are over 2000 weeks of summer camp offered each year. And there are even adaptive aquatics programs to teach children and adults with special needs how to swim.

Cabot Creamery | Gratitude Grille

Last year, there were over 200,000 volunteer hours logged with the Fairfax County Park Authority. The estimate is that this saves the parks over $4 million, which truly allows them to do more for the people of Virginia. Although they have attempted to put a number on it, the value of the work the volunteers do is truly immeasurable.

Cabot Creamery | Gratitude Grille

The vision of the Fairfax County Park Authority is to strive “to inspire and sustain a passion for parks and leisure experiences that enhances our community’s quality of life.” This passion is truly evident in the people who volunteer in the parks. And what is truly impressive if how people of all ages and backgrounds come together to share their common love of the parks. They commit their time to ensure that they and others will continue to have these grounds and programs for their enjoyment and their overall well-being. The Cabot team loved their afternoon at Lake Fairfax Park, and was proud to have the opportunity to thank these volunteers on the farmers’ behalf for their work in helping the park system thrive.

Cabot Creamery | Gratitude Grille

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