Greek Yogurt Dips

Celebrate summer with these cool, flavorful dips made with tangy Cabot Greek Yogurt.

There are so many things to love about summer – long, sunny days, picnics and cookouts, and time spent enjoying the outdoors with friends and family.

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Summer foods are another important reason to love the season. Whether you’re grilling or just chilling, Greek yogurt is a delicious addition to the magic of summer foods. When you start with Cabot Greek Yogurt, you can make amazing frozen desserts, delicious salad dressings, and so much more.

At the top of our list of fun, tasty summer foods are savory Greek yogurt dips and spreads. Whether you serve them with chips, crackers, or garden fresh veggies or spread them on top of burgers or other grilled meats, these dips and spreads will please palates all summer long.

Check out the number one dip on the Cabot website these days. It’s an international favorite Tzatziki, a.k.a. Greek Yogurt Dip & Cucumber Sauce. The cool summer taste of crunchy cucumbers mingles with garlic and tangy Greek yogurt for a flavor experience like no other. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a crisp pita triangle or spread on grilled meats like lamb, beef, and chicken.

This fun and tasty combo, of spicy and cheesy makes our Sriracha Blue Cheese Swirl Greek Yogurt Dip a party favorite. The kick of the Sriracha and the mellow flavor of the blue cheese are a perfect point/counter-point.

Harissa is a spicy paste from North Africa, and it adds a fiery kick to this Harissa & Mint Greek Yogurt Dip. We’ll leave it up to you to decide how much you want to add. It all depends on how spicy you like it. Swirl one tablespoon of harissa paste in to simply tickle the palate or add up to two tablespoons to fully knock your socks off! We love this mint-spiked dip served with fresh raw vegetables, lamb meatballs or potato chips.

Another wildly popular dip on the Cabot website is this simple, and simply delicious, Avocado-Yogurt Spread. While it is a fantastic addition to a burger or a sandwich, it’s also a perfect summery dip just crying out for crisp chips or fresh veggies to compliment its creamy, tangy flavor.

Cool Greek yogurt and warm curry spice combine to make one terrific topping. This Curried Greek Yogurt Topping can turn a plain potato into a gourmet side dish. It also does double duty as a yummy dip for fruit, veggies, or chips.

Where would summer grilling season be without the great smoky taste of barbecue? This Spicy BBQ Greek Yogurt Topping makes any burger – beef, turkey, or veggie – a summer superstar. It also turns plain chips and veggies into food fit for any gathering.

So let your dipping imagination soar with Cabot Greek Yogurt. Its tangy taste is totally tantalizing in so many dishes. And don’t forget, Greek yogurt is packed with protein. So in addition to great taste, it fills you up and keeps you satisfied longer.

Greek Yogurt Dips

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