Greek Yogurt Recipes for Spring

Try these tasty, fresh, family-friendly Greek Yogurt recipes from the Cabot kitchens. From breakfast through dinner and all the meals and snacks in between, Cabot Greek Yogurt makes springtime dishes even more delicious.

A handful of @cabotcheese’s favorite #GreekYogurt #recipes that are just perfect for #Spring!


There is so much to love about Cabot Greek Yogurt. Its thick, rich, creamy texture and tangy taste make it a perfect way to start your day – mixed with cereal, whipped into a fruit filled smoothie or plain, with a drizzle of honey.

But the charms of Greek yogurt don’t stop there. So many of your favorite dishes can be made even more delicious as well as more nutritious when you substitute Cabot Greek Yogurt for higher-fat ingredients like sour cream, mayonnaise, butter, or oil.


Cabot has created this helpful Greek Yogurt Substitution Chart to guide you as you amplify the taste and health benefits of some of your family’s favorite dishes. Try taking a gradual approach when substituting yogurt in familiar dishes. For instance, you can start with one-third yogurt to two-thirds mayo in your tuna salad, gradually increasing the yogurt to mayo ratio as your family gets used to the change.

Whether you’re preparing healthy snacks or creating great meals, Cabot Greek Yogurt is the perfect addition to culinary creations from nutrition-packed smoothies to light, wholesome salad dressings, from marvelous meats and casseroles to noteworthy desserts.

Here are some of our favorites:

At Cabot, we like to start our day with great taste and great nutrition. These four smoothies are a healthy way to enjoy a breakfast that’s fast and full of flavor and nutrition.

Its berry lemony taste makes this colorful Breakfast Blueberry Lemon Smoothie a great wake up call.

Pure Grade A maple syrup and Cabot Greek Yogurt are the secret ingredients that make this Maple Moo Smoothie a winner, at breakfast or any time of day.

More fun than a barrel of monkeys and more delicious than you can imagine, your whole family will love this Nutty Monkey Protein Smoothie. It’s so good for you…but don’t tell your kids. They’ll just think it’s yummy good fun!

This Blueberry Recovery Smoothie is perfect for the athlete in your family…or any active breakfast lover. Three simple ingredients – blueberries, Cabot Greek Yogurt, and coconut water – combine to start your day off full of energy and it will keep you satisfied throughout the morning.

And how about a perfect after-school snack for your hungry student? Try this Maine Blueberry Parfait and make their homework a little sweeter.

Here’s a new take on an American classic. Cabot’s Bacon Mac and Cheese Salad has all the great flavors of a hot dish, served in a salad-style that’s light and refreshing. This is a cool way to savor the traditional taste of macaroni and cheese on a sizzling summer day.

What could be healthier, more satisfying, and more delicious than this Power Salad with Yogurt Dill Dressing? The dressing adds a touch of depth and tang to a salad bursting with fresh veggies and Cabot Cheddar.

For generations families have enjoyed beef stroganoff as upscale comfort food at its finest. Our version – Beef Stroganoff with Greek Yogurt – holds true to the traditional flavors while adding creamy Cabot Greek Yogurt, smoky paprika, and baby Portobello mushrooms for a healthier, heartier sauce.

Chili becomes a springtime favorite when it’s loaded with garden vegetables and gets an added boost from Greek yogurt. Try this recipe from Cabot farmer Andrew Worthen. His famous Chicken and Vegetable Garden Chili is featured not only on the Cabot web site, it also appears in the new, first-ever Cabot Cookbook!

Turkey burgers are never moister or more flavorful than when you make them and add Cabot Greek Yogurt and a bit of Cabot Cheddar. These Easy, Moist Turkey Cheeseburgers are not only off-the-charts yummy, the extra protein from turkey, Greek yogurt, and cheese will keep you satisfied long after your meal.

It’s hard to find a dish more universally loved than lasagna. We wanted to help you keep all the rich flavor of this iconic dish while lightening up the fat and calories. Cabot’s Light & Classic Lasagna is destined to become your family’s go-to recipe for this Italian favorite.

The old-world flavors of Greece are combined in this Greek Meat & Spinach Pie to create a one-dish wonder that your whole family will love. Spinach, beef, feta cheese, and Cabot Greek Yogurt are combined with herbs and spices and wrapped in a flaky piecrust for maximum taste impact.

If you’re craving a springtime seafood dish, why not opt for a meal of these Salmon Biscuit Pies? They’re served on a fluffy biscuit and piled high with a mixture of fresh salmon, veggies, herbs, and a creamy sauce made with Cabot Greek Yogurt.

And if it’s shrimp that you want, this recipe for Linguine Rosa with Shrimp from Cabot Cheese Board blogger Melissa of Bless This Mess is a light and slightly spicy way to enjoy your favorite shellfish. Perfectly prepared whole-wheat pasta is tossed with a light creamy tomato sauce filled with shrimp and mushrooms. This one is pasta perfection!

Are you tired of chicken cooked the same old way? Here’s a great recipe that will banish boring poultry forever. Cabot’s Kalamata Stuffed Chicken with Roasted Pepper Cream takes boneless chicken breasts from ho-hum to second-to-none. The intense flavors of the cheddar and olive stuffing and the creamy, rich red pepper cream sauce drizzled on the moist chicken make for unforgettable flavors. Serve with a fresh green salad and you have a perfect spring meal.

What better way to end a meal than with this quick, easy-to-prepare dessert? Try our no-bake recipe for Strawberry Icebox Cake, made with creamy Cabot Greek Yogurt, fresh strawberries and graham crackers. It’s hard to imagine but this beautiful dessert tastes even better than it looks.

For a more sophisticated end to one of these springtime meals, try our Cappuccino Kugel with Greek Yogurt. The rich tastes of coffee and dark chocolate combine perfectly to compliment to the creamy texture courtesy of the cream cheese and yogurt.

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