Growing Health & Wealth Activity Kit For Kids

What is Growing Health & Wealth?

Teaching young children the importance of healthy choices, both physical and financial, isn’t always easy. That’s why Cabot created this fun Growing Health & Wealth Activity Kit. It’s an entertaining and instructive way for parents and grandparents to help children ages 6 to 10 learn how and why these healthy choices are important as they grow up.

There are several key themes woven into the games and lessons in the kit. Children will learn why it’s important to build strong bones and bodies through exercise, dairy calcium and other healthy foods. They’ll also learn about building strong financial values with strategies on how to save, spend and share their resources.


The kit includes an activity book, family guide and poster all free to download.

One of the most important parts of the Growing Health and Wealth program is the homemade moneyboxes that help young children develop personal goals, aspirations and positive financial habits. With the kit, you can create your own moneyboxes using simple, recycled household containers and materials.

Getting Started

  • Collect sturdy containers that have lids or tops such as milk boxes, yogurt or cottage cheese plastic cups, coffee tins, tissue or smaller shoeboxes. You will need three of one kind so you can label each Save, Spend and Share.
  • Next you will need to cut a slot in each of the containers where you child will be able to drop their coins and dollars in – making the hole large enough so that money can easily be dropped in, but won’t fall out.
  • Be crafty! Using the three printed moneybox labels attach to each container with glue or tape. Spend time with your child decorating each with stickers, magazine cut outs, foam letters and shapes to represent the three themes: Save, Spend and Share.

Congratulations! You’re off to a great start for growing health and wealth!

These materials are provided compliments of Cabot Creamery Cooperative and the New York Credit Union Foundation. The New York Credit Union Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Credit Union Association of New York, serves credit unions, schools and community organizations that help improve the financial literacy and independence of New Yorkers and promote the credit union difference. For more information about NYCUF, visit

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