Get Happy during National Volunteer Month

We all know that volunteering can help make our communities stronger…but did you know that it can also make you happier? It’s true! According to a study by the Corporation for National Community Service, volunteering can make you healthier by decreasing your risk of depression, reducing stress levels, providing a sense of purpose and increases the likelihood of staying active. Doing good for your community and yourself…that’s a win/win!

Celebrate National Volunteer Month this April by giving back to your community. Here are a few tips that can make us all volunteering experts:

Find the right volunteer opportunity – Look for a volunteer position you are passionate about and fits your abilities. Not sure what that is? Take the Volunteer Personality Quiz. Determine how much time you have to give, if you want to be hands-on or more behind-the-scenes and what types of causes are your passion. Once you find the type of volunteering you want to do, there are plenty of free online resources to find volunteer opportunities in your area.

Get rewarded for volunteering – The farm families who own Cabot want to reward you for the good you do for your community, so they have developed Reward Volunteers. It is a free, easy way to track the time you spend volunteering and earn rewards for yourself and for the organizations you serve. They have wonderful prizes from fellow B Corps, including Ben & Jerry’s, Dansko and Seventh Generation, plus you can win cash for your organization! Learn more about how Reward Volunteers works here.

Take care of yourself – Volunteering can make us feel more satisfied and happier. But while you are out there taking care of others, don’t forget to take care of yourself with a few volunteering self-care tips:

>Drink water– There are many benefits to drinking water, and staying hydrated while volunteering can keep you healthy and feeling great.

>Take care of your body- Keeping your body healthy and strong allows us to take care of others, while taking care of ourselves. Whether you are volunteering at an animal shelter, a food bank or helping to build houses, one of the best ways to stay feeling great while helping out is to have a comfortable pair of shoes. Our B Corp friends at Therafit create shoes focused on personalized comfort and support, and with shoes that are accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association, you know that you are going to feel great at the end of a long day of volunteering. Since Therafit makes a donation to a charity with every purchase, you are doing good while feeling good.

Make your meals aheadWe know volunteering takes time, but it is great to be able to prepare a quick, healthy meal for yourself and your family. But how? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Whether you want to make a meal ahead or are looking for a super-easy, no prep dinner, our Quick and Easy Meal Planner can help you out.

Need some make ahead meal ideas? Here are some easy recipes to try:

Breakfast – Some volunteer opportunities start very early in the morning. If you’re not an early riser, make something ahead of time so you can just grab and eat it on your way out the door. Try these Ham & Cheese Muffins or these Apple Pie Protein Muffins.
Ham & Cheese Muffins
Apple Pie Protein Muffins with Cheddar
Snacks – Volunteer hours can be long and physically exhausting. Plan ahead and pack a snack you can grab and eat quickly for an energy boost like these Chocolate Chia Protein Balls.
Chocolate Chia Protein Balls
Dinner – Casseroles and Sheet Pan Dinners are perfect after a long day of volunteering. Prep ahead of time and simply pop in the oven or microwave to reheat when you get home. We love Cauliflower and Hamburger Casserole and this Sheet Pan Caesar Chicken & Potatoes. With a little planning, you can be well-fueled for a great volunteer experience!
Cauliflower and Hamburger Casserole
Sheet Pan Caesar Chicken & Potatoes

Check out our Big Dish Recipe Videos

They are great meal ideas for gatherings big or small. Reward your volunteers with a tasty meal!

Big Dish Barbecue Enchiladas

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Big Dish Pimento Grilled Cheese:

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