Healthy Holiday Appetizers

‘Tis the season to be social!

The holidays are officially in full swing, which equates to lots of traveling, parties and time with family and friends. For most people it also means lots more opportunities to eat. Many people find that this time of year is the hardest to stay on track. We tend to move less, eat more and make less healthy choices.

The good news is with just a little planning you can make it easier on yourself and those around you by having healthy options available at holiday meals and parties.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you’re planning your party platter:

Keep it simple. If there is food available, people will eat it. You don’t want people to go hungry, of course. But you also don’t need to go overboard on the amount of food you serve.

Provide healthful options. Always make sure your appetizer spread includes lots of fruits and veggies with Greek-yogurt based dips, healthy fats like nuts and avocado-based dips and protein-rich cheese with whole grain crackers.

Lighten up your favorites. Holidays are a time of tradition and many families have favorite recipes they love to make. Challenge yourself to lighten up your favorite recipes with simple swaps like Greek-style yogurt for sour cream and butter, a combo of Light and regular cheese for fewer calories and adding whole grain flours to baked goods.

These simple tips can help everyone enjoy the holidays without derailing all the hard work they’ve put in so far this year!

Are you planning a holiday party of your own or need to bring an appetizer to a party? Try one of these healthy suggestions:

Veggies with Dilly Dip



Red Ribbon Cheddar Melts



Festive Cabot Cheddar Tree



Mini Pork Cheddar Meatballs with Guacamole



Cabot Fit Blogger Highlight – Marie Spano marie_spano-(1)

Kick off the holiday season by sharing homemade appetizers that are full of flavor. I often incorporate the bold, unique flavors in Cabot’s Legacy Collection into my dishes to enhance the taste and add nutrition value. The protein in each bite of cheese will help guests feel satisfied yet not stuffed as they mingle around your party. In addition to making smooth, creamy dips with Cabot cheese, I add slices to bite sized sandwiches, and shredded cheese to mini pizzas, stews and casseroles.

~Marie Spano, MS, RD

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