Join Our Farmers for National Volunteer Week

The Cabot Gratitude Grille at Meals on Wheels Tampa, April 2014

The Cabot Gratitude Grille at Meals on Wheels Tampa, April 2014

Cabot Creamery has been a dairy cooperative since 1919. The word cooperative echoes our core philosophy; it evokes a spirit of teamwork and interdependence. Cabot was founded on the belief that working together made the constant and arduous job of dairy farming more manageable and more profitable.

Cabot farm families are also the foundation of their individual communities. Their lives revolve around the most basic human themes: family, community, work, and service. The Cabot dairy farm families have immersed themselves in community service and volunteerism for generations with farmers serving as town council members, firefighters, Sunday school teachers, classroom aides, soup kitchen servers and many other acts of goodness.

It was in this spirit that Cabot created the Reward Volunteers iPhone app and web widget in 2012.

As National Volunteer Week 2014 begins, so does Reward Volunteers 5.0 to reward those who do good, those who give to others with no thought of self, and we hope to inspire more good deeds. When you use the Reward Volunteers iPhone app or web widget to log your volunteer activity you’ll earn opportunities for you and the organizations you serve to win cash and prizes.

Download the app and give it a try.

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