Kids Learn About Co-ops with Co-op Patch!

October is Co-op month and statistics show 1 out 3 Americans belongs to a co-op of some sort.  Whether housing, food, electricity, credit union or agricultural, co-ops are an important business sector. There are many things that set co-ops apart, but one is a commitment to community.  Serving local communities is one of the seven principals of a co-op. 

Whether a girl or boy scout, 4-H program, or a classroom activity, #Cabotcheese's educational patch programs can help youngsters learn about Co-ops! Click To Tweet

One way Cabot and our farm family owners help educate people of all ages about the importance of co-ops is through our free youth patch program. Whether a girl or boy scout, 4-H program, or a classroom activity, Cabot’s educational patch programs can help youngsters learn about Co-opsB Corps, or Sustainability all while having a bit of fun. 

 We checked in with a Troop with Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains who recently completed the program.  Here is what their Troop Leader Sarah had to say.  

 Why did you choose to complete this patch? 

The girls were very interested in learning about co-ops, they had not heard of it before, and since most of our town gets their electricity from a co-op, it made sense to learn more about the business model.  

 Can you give a brief description of what your troop did to complete this program? 

Unfortunately, we don’t have a local food co-op in our area, so the girls created their dream grocery co-op. It included produce and fruit from local farms, meat and eggs from a farm near the center of town, which we visited to learn about the butchery process, and the girls even decided to include a coffee roaster for their parents!  

 Did you find it valuable? 

It was incredibly valuable. The girls really enjoyed learning about knowing where your food comes from, and that it takes more than one person to make a community work and be successful.  

 If you would like to learn more about our free patch programs, head to our Patch Program Page! 

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