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Although the science is relatively new and still emerging, many people believe that following a gluten-free diet may help with a variety of issues ranging from digestive problems to skin conditions to overall inflammation. While there are numerous reasons people choose to eat a gluten-free diet (from medical necessity to personal preference), most would agree on one thing. Going gluten-free means more opportunity to enjoy dishes cooked in your own kitchen.

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Understanding and mastering gluten-free cooking techniques is key to enjoying the tastiest (and healthiest) gluten-free dishes.  Here are a few tips to make gluten-free cooking and baking as easy as possible:

Experiment with different flours 

  • You may have to use a combination of several flours to achieve a similar result to using traditional wheat flour. Some gluten-free flours, like bean flours, may have too strong of a taste to substitute in certain recipes. Learning what works best might involve some trial and error, so be patient.
  • Many gluten-free baking experts recommend starting by combining 50% of a sturdy flour (such as garbanzo, brown rice or sorghum) with 50% of a starchy flour (like tapioca, potato starch or arrowroot).
  • The good news is that there are some wonderful “multi-purpose” gluten-free flour blends on the market that are already mixed for you like this one from our friends at King Arthur Flour.

Rely on simple, gluten-free recipes

Keep it simple. 

  • The fruits, vegetables, fresh meats and fish, milk, yogurt and cheese you already enjoy daily are all naturally gluten-free. Living a healthy & tasty gluten-free lifestyle doesn’t have to mean buying a lot of “special” products. Identify a brand of pasta, bread and possibly some wraps or crackers you enjoy. You’ll be living a tasty, gluten-free lifestyle in no time.

These simple recipes will show you that gluten-free eating doesn’t have to be boring or complicated!

Vegetable and Bean Chili


Not-Fried Chicken Nuggets


Cauliflower Mac and Cheese


Chicken with Creamy Cheddar Rice


Gluten Hates MeCabot Cheese Board Member, Marlow Ravelli of Gluten Hates Me knows a thing or two about gluten-free snacking, and as a new mom, those snacks have to be easy to prepare. Fresh fruits and veggies are always a perfect choice and rumor has it that Marlow’s BLT Ranch Pasta Salad has been served (and loved) as a snack many a time. Try her Pepperoni Pizza Puffs or Cheesy Cabot Quinoa Bites​ for some utensil-free crowd pleasers.


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Living Gluten-Free with Cabot Cheese

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