Make-Ahead Breakfasts

If the idea of having your kids in the kitchen during dinner prep seems more stressful than beneficial, having them work on make-ahead breakfasts may be a better choice. Recipes can range from something simple you prep the night before, like Overnight Oats, to more elaborate freezer-ready foods, like Breakfast Burritos. Whatever the choice, make-ahead breakfasts are a win for everyone in the family. They’re typically easy to assemble, making them ideally suited for young cooks. Once prepped, they ensure breakfast is ready to go whenever you are. Here are our favorite ways to involve kids in the prep!

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Overnight Oats

From start to finish, Overnight Oats are a make-ahead breakfast choice everyone can make. There’s no cooking or chopping involved, making this recipe easy for even the youngest chefs (especially when you purchase pre-chopped nuts.) Bonus – this recipe is a great way to get kids eating more fiber-rich whole grains.

Breakfast Burritos

Burritos are always a family-favorite. When stuffed with eggs and cheese they make a hearty, satisfying breakfast choice that can easily be made ahead. Have kids stuff and roll the burritos, leaving the scrambled eggs to mom, dad or older siblings. Stash the burritos in the freezer for a ready-when-you-are breakfast option.

Smoothie Freezer Packets

Smoothies can be a wonderfully healthy breakfast choice when made with fruits, veggies and yogurt. The only problem is pulling out all of those ingredients morning after morning. Making one big batch of Smoothie Freezer Packets simplifies the process and is a perfect assembly task for kids helping out in the kitchen. Just choose your favorite Cabot smoothie recipe, have kids help prep and chop ingredients and place them in freezer storage bags to create individualized “Smoothie Freezer Packets”. Simply pull out a packet and blend with yogurt for a satisfying smoothie.

Sheet Pan Frittata

Washing produce is always a good choice for kids in the kitchen. It teaches them both the importance of food safety and familiarizes them with various fruits and veggies. Once assembled on the pan, pop the frittata in the oven. When it’s ready, slice it into individual squares that can easily be frozen for future breakfasts or brunch.

Apple Pie Protein Muffins

Muffins are an obvious choice for make-ahead breakfasts, but this recipe levels up the traditional morning muffin. Made with whey protein and Greek yogurt, these muffins have a protein boost that will keep every member of the family feeling fuller longer.

Protein Cereal Bars

What kid doesn’t know how to get in the kitchen and make a bowl of cereal with milk? Take that task to the next level with these Protein Cereal Bars. An adult or older child can heat the peanut butter mixture on the stove while little helpers measure out dry ingredients. Have them stir together everything when ready and pour out for cooling and cutting. Bonus – these bars can serve as breakfast all week or make a great snack.

Chia Pudding

Chia Puddings are a fun make-ahead breakfast idea with kids because of the unique nature of chia seeds, which swell in liquid. Talk with kids about how they think the mixture will change as it sits overnight. Most will be amazed to see how much it thickened in the morning!

Dutch Hollow Farm’s Overnight French Toast

What’s more decadent than french toast? Making it the night before! A little prep the night before means a delicious breakfast ready to bake in the morning. Try this recipe from one of our farm family owners, Nate from Dutch Hollow Farm. And don’t forget the Triple Cream Yogurt  – it adds the perfect balance of creamy sweetness to this delicious dish.

Prefer to let breakfast during the week be a more spontaneous choice? But like the idea of kids helping out with a morning meal? We have a plentiful supply of brunch recipes to choose from.

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Wonderful ideas, even for adults. Many thanks.

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