Make Meaningful Memories Over School Breaks 

An upcoming school break looms large on the calendar. How will you fill the time? Most people will fritter away the days, but YOU are not most people. You’re a parent who wants to share meaningful moments with their child knowing that time spent together will inform their future. But what is big enough and meaningful enough to use the time wisely? (Pssst––there’s actually an answer to this question: volunteer work.) 

The whole point of a break is to recharge and volunteer work is perfect for that because it lowers overall stress levels. Not only that, but you and your family will walk away from a school break volunteering adventure knowing valuable skills, connecting with new people, and having a greater sense of purpose. Not a shabby way to spend your downtime. 

Moreover, when you log your volunteer hours with Reward Volunteers, you become eligible to win an all-expense paid cruise for two to Canada & New England. The winner will be selected in March, which means that any hours you log during school break in February bring you closer to being a possible winner. So get volunteering!   

Find Your Volunteering Fit

Just as every person is different, every volunteer opportunity is different, and there is one (or more!) out there that is perfect for your family.  

Make choosing your volunteer activity the topic of conversation at dinner. What values are important to your family? What do you enjoy doing together? Ask the following questions to get the creative juices flowing: 

  • Do you prefer indoor or outdoor activities? 
  • Do you prefer activities that are close by or would you like to go on a volunteer vacation? 
  • Do you want to try many different volunteer opportunities over the break or stick with one? 
  • Do you prefer to work with humans or animals? 
  • List favorite volunteer projects from your past. 
  • What is a skill you’d like to learn in the future? 

Once you’ve brainstormed about the type of activity, it’s time to find the perfect opportunity––near or far. 


Find Programs

Nonprofits know when school’s out and they often plan volunteer projects for times when people are looking to volunteer. If you make a list of your favorite organizations, you can check in with each one and see if they’re running a program over your break. Don’t forget religious organizations, local charities, and environmental groups. 

If you don’t have a favorite organization, use Reward Volunteers to search your area and find out about organizations that could use your help. Who knows––you may find fantastic organizations that you didn’t even know existed in your community. 

Reward Volunteers


Jump into Volunteering

This is your volunteer vacation or staycation, so make it fun. Decorate group t-shirts that you can wear while you volunteer and serve as a keepsake after you return to school and work. Make sure you take and post plenty of selfies. In fact, we encourage you to use the posting function on Reward Volunteers when you’re logging your hours and let your friends on Facebook know about your awesome break. Not only will they become part of your activity, but seeing YOU volunteer will give them the idea to volunteer, too.  

Reward Volunteers

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