Super Snacks Fit for Stargazing

The most anticipated meteor shower of the year – the Perseids – is coming our way soon. Peak viewing of this spectacular event will be the night of August 12 – 13. The Perseid meteor showers are visible every year when the earth passes through the debris and dust left by the Comet Swift-Tuttle.

Aug. 12 is the perfect night to gather with friends, family, and great food for a night of stargazing. #Perseid #meteorshower #recipes Click To Tweet

There’s no better way to experience all the beauty and grandeur Mother Nature has to offer. Gather family and friends, some blankets and comfy chairs, and head out to the country, someplace away from city lights, and settle in for a night of breathtaking beauty.

Don’t forget the snacks! Meteor gazing is hungry work and Cabot has an abundance of recipes fit for a night of experiencing this breathtaking event.

What could be simpler than cheese and crackers as you experience meteor magic? How about cheese in a cracker? We think these crispy Rustic Cheddar Crackers are a great take-along treat.

Here’s a tasty, easy-to-pack, healthy snack for your favorite stargazers. Try this Apple Cheddar Almond Mix just for the health – and great taste – of it.

Savory scones are a crowd pleaser – any time of the day or night. These Cheddar Tomato and Spinach Scones are a fresh and seasonal alternative to their sweeter scone cousins.

Step up your stargazing sandwich game with these hearty Horseradish and Hummus Roast Beef Wraps. They’re a meal you can pack and enjoy under the stars. These chocolaty, bite-sized beauties are loaded with protein and just the thing to fuel hungry stargazers.

Cabot’s Chocolate Chia Protein Balls look and taste like a decadent treat. But looks can be deceiving. These chocolaty, bite-sized beauties are loaded with protein and just the thing to fuel hungry stargazers.

These Greek Yogurt Chocolate Brownies are the ultimate in indulgence and a delightfully decadent way to celebrate Mother Nature.

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Joyce Curtis | August 10, 2019 | 7:44am

I plan to prepare the cheese,tomatoes and spinach scones.They look so good.

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