Packing a Healthy Summer Picnic

Soak Up The Sun With Simple Summer Meals

Warm weather is here and after spending most of the winter indoors, we encourage you to get out and soak up the sun! Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors, be active and explore with your family and friends.

#Summer is all about sunshine, & love, & great food. Great #recipes to get the good times rolling: via @cabotcheese


Check your calendar and pick a weekend to go on a day-long adventure and create some memories. As you plan your excursion, don’t forget the food! A few things to keep in mind as you plan your picnic lunch:

  • Be safe. Always pack perishable food in a cooler with lots of ice packs so it stays at a safe temperature.
  • Choose foods that travel well and are easy to eat. Casseroles, lasagnas etc are great for the dinner table but can be difficult to eat outdoors. Instead, choose things like sandwiches that can easily be eaten out of hand or or bean- and pasta-salads that require minimal utensils.
  • Think drinks! Smoothies are a great option for picnics because they can be easily enjoyed with nothing more than a straw. Added bonus–if you pack them frozen, they’ll act as in ice pack helping keep your other food cold. They’ll slowly thaw so you can drink them by lunchtime.
  • Pack snacks! If you’re out walking or running around you’ll be burning calories. Don’t forget to pack some healthy snacks to help you refuel throughout the day.

Following these simple tips will help ensure your outdoor summer adventures are equal parts exciting and delicious!   

Need some inspiration as you get ready to pack your picnic basket? Try these:  

FGF_WhitneyWhitney Bond – 

I love hiking, and one of my favorite parts of the hike is at the end, when I get to eat, haha! Most of the hikes I go on are almost an hour long drive away from home so I’ve started packing a picnic for the end of the hike.
I always pack a water bottle infused with lemons, cucumber and mint. Such a refreshing and healthy drink to sip on at a picnic! Instead of chips, I go for vegetables and hummus, and for the main course, I make a turkey wrap, with fresh veggies and of course, Cabot cheese!

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