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Party Cheese – Yes, Please!

Let Cabot Cracker Cuts Take Your Party to the Next Level

Summertime is party time and we’re here to help you make party planning a breeze.

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For some people, entertaining can be intimidating. Guest lists, house cleaning, menu choices – sometimes it can all feel overwhelming.

But party planning doesn’t have to be stressful, especially when it comes to party food ideas.

Cabot Cracker Cuts are the perfect start to a quick and easy party food menu. Cracker Cuts make your favorite Cabot cheeses just the thing for your party table – even if you’re having a last-minute get together. They’re pre sliced in perfect party-sized pieces, the better for topping a crunchy cracker or artfully arranged on a bountiful cheese board.

What could be simpler or more appealing than a party platter filled with wholesome, delicious delicacies, including some of the six different flavors of Cabot Cracker Cuts? Spicy slices of salami pair perfectly with Extra Sharp Cheddar Cracker Cuts. Roasted spiced nuts like almonds or walnuts are a scrumptious compliment to Seriously Sharp Cheddar Cracker Cuts.
Extra Sharp Cheddar Cracker Cuts
The subtle kick of Cabot’s Pepper Jack Cracker Cuts finds a tasty home on crisp crackers topped with a smear of berry jam. Or try the creamy smooth taste of Colby Jack Cracker Cuts on slices of crunchy slices of French bread spread with a dab of Dijon mustard.
Pepper Jack Cheese Cracker Cuts
Colby Jack Cheese Cracker Cuts
There are so many party food ideas that call for the taste and creativity of Cabot Cracker Cuts. Let your imagination and your taste buds take flight. You won’t find an easier or yummier way to get your party started than with the world’s favorite party cheese – Cabot Cheddar!

We have so many great appetizer and hors d’oeuvers ideas on the Cabot website. Here are three we think you and your guests will love.

Nutty Carrot Balls
Avocado Cheddar Deviled Eggs


Plan Ahead: Plan your party food so that you can make it one or two days before your party. Keep last minute preparations to a minimum for a stress-free experience.

Keep It Simple: Quality over quantity makes for great party food. Simple, wholesome ingredients – like Cabot Cheddar – are the quickest way to happy guests.

Mix and Mingle: Keep an eye on your guests and make introductions when you can. Don’t let your shy friend languish in the corner – introduce her to the life of the party.

Make Beautiful Music: Create a playlist of your favorite tunes. Or…there’s an app for that. Pandora can personalize an evening’s worth of music based on songs you love. Keep the volume at a level that still encourages conversation.

Set the Bar: You don’t have to have a fully stocked bar. Beer, wine, and sparkling water will satisfy most guests. Try adding a signature cocktail that you can make in a batch, like Cosmopolitans or Rum Punch.

Let the Good Times Roll: You’ve got great guests, good food, and luscious libations. The only thing left to do is have fun!

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