Cabot Pets and their Favorite Treats

When we say that the whole family loves our farmers’ award-winning products, we’re not forgetting about our four-legged family members. Cabot dairy products are always made with fresh, premium ingredients for extra deliciousness that pets simply love. Over the years, we’ve loved hearing from so many families who say their dog or cat can’t enough of Cabot, whether it’s chunks of the World’s Best Cheddar “dropped” on the floor during snack time, some shredded cheese sprinkled in their food bowl, or the extra-special treat of licking out the yogurt container.

From mouthwatering chunks of cheddar to licking out the yogurt container, pets love the taste of our farmers’ award-winning products. Come meet our most devoted, and most adorable, fans! #cabotcheese Click To Tweet

To spread some four-legged joy, we asked our farmers and employees to share their own pets’ love for Cabot products. Let’s meet some of our biggest—and most adorable—fans.

Donna Boroff – Retail Store Associate in Quechee:

“Brady, Mom, and sister Morgan look forward to a Cabot cheese  omelet  every Sunday.  It’s the only way to start a new week with the best world’s cheese!  Yummy!”

Mary Woods – Retail Store Associate in Waterbury:

Newfies know that eating Cabot yogurt makes them grow! 

 Cabot Farmer Jenni Tilton-Flood:

“They’re all good dogs who deserve the World’s Best because they’re all Cabot dogs deep down.” 

Ed Townley – CEO:

Anca isn’t picky when it comes to her favorite Cabot products, but she does always make sure to dress to impress (in Cabot plaid of course!). 

Nick  Managan – Marketing Manager:

“Louie is our  6-year-old  Golden Retriever. He and our two children are well-trained to come running at the end of a work day to share some Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar and crackers. Louie holds the prestigious position of Vermont Therapy Dog AND cleaner of the yogurt and cottage cheese containers!”

Amy Levine – Director of Sales Services:

Rosie wanted the butter so bad she went for the box! 

Danielle Poirier – Integrated Services Producer:

“Cash loves Cabot Cheese! He will sit very still staring at it (on his nose) until I give him the go head to enjoy it! Such a patient pup for a taste of the World’s Best Cheddar.”

Rachael Keyes – Brand Communication Manager:

“These Frenchie girls love ALL Cabot dairy products as is – but if they are extra good pups, they get these homemade cheesy biscuits that they adore – plus us humans enjoy them too!”

If you’re craving more ways to give your pets an extra-delicious treat, we have some fun and easy snack recipes that were created with canine taste buds in mind. These treats feature our award-winning cheese, butter, and yogurt and will have your dog barking for seconds...thirds…fourthsyou get the idea.  

Cheesy Constellation Crackers    

Doggie Pupcakes with Greek Yogurt Frosting 


Sam’s Savory Snack  

We hope these stories and recipes inspire you to show your own pets a little extra love—the Cabot way 

Bark Apetit! 

Comments (7)

Sandy Houdeshell | June 20, 2019 | 3:16pm

Mine too! I think Rudy and Dakota eat more cheese than the humans in the house!!!!

Walter Schultz | June 20, 2019 | 3:42pm

Hey! Our Felines love Cabots as well. We always find them waiting when we break it out.

Jackie | June 20, 2019 | 4:06pm

I have 2 dogs a doxwawa (weenie dog and those mini Mexican dogs) and a Pugwawa (pug and mini Mexican dog) and 2 plain old Heinz 57 variety dogs. All 4 dogs love cheese. I can be grating cheese and those dogs will sit at my feet when moving the cheese to a bowl from my food processor. When I am done they sit and wait for the bowl and the processor bowl so they can eat what is left. I I should scrape out each piece of cheese they glare at me. They glare at me when I am eating cheese of some sort. When my husband makes up their dishes each day he puts a sprinkle of cheese on the food so they will eat the food.

Bonnie Collins | June 20, 2019 | 6:25pm

All Beautiful! Wish I could get my cat to enjoy!!!

Sybil Nassau | June 20, 2019 | 6:40pm

All of my dogs loved cheese: Mikki, the old english sheep dog,literally cried if she did not get her hunk or her ice cream cone when the kids did; our lab/shepherd cross would dig in the trash and pull out the wrapper to lick it and the crumbs,’ and my Maltese would come flying from a sound sleep in the den 40 feet away as I was bringing out the unopened packagel. I swear the could all smell it unwrapped!

Tom | June 20, 2019 | 7:15pm


Suzy de Lancey | June 20, 2019 | 11:03pm

Wow!!! What a sweet group of furry dumplings. I am getting a dog in September from a rescue on the island. I live, year round, on Martha’s Vneyard. Hense, “The Island.” It will probably be a Lab
or a mixture of that. Thanks so,so much for the pics and the ideas for doggy cookies. Everything
about your company is so wonderful. Your cheese is the “Rolls Royce” of dairy products. By the
way I adore dairy cows. My favorite is the Holstein.

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