#FarmLove – Top Quality Milk and Cheese Awards

Award-winning cheese (and more delicious dairy), please!

At the recent Olympics of the dairy world, the biennial World Championship Cheese Contest held in Wisconsin, Cabot Creamery Co-operative had one of its best showings ever, bringing home eight ribbons.

Leading the pack were two Cabot cheddars and Monterey Jack, which all took home Best in Class honors. Greek yogurt, Colby Jack, Natural Sliced cheeses and extra sharp cheddar also earned ribbons and Cabot Creamery butter was the top finishing American-made butter at the international event.


Hard Work and Highest-Quality Milk

As we always say at Cabot, our dairy products are only as good as the milk our farmers and their cows produce. These prestigious awards are validation of how hard our dairy farm families work and how focused our cheesemakers are on turning that milk into award-winning products.

Each year, the cooperative hands out top-quality milk awards to three of our 1,000 member farms. This year’s winners, like all our farmer owners, share a commitment to keeping their cows as comfortable, healthy and happy as possible. Because, it goes without saying, content cows make the best milk. Read more about this year’s winners!


The Richardson Family – Rocky Acres Farm

Bovine bridesmaids

In central Massachusetts, third-generation dairy farmers Heather and Brian Richardson were married on Rocky Acres Farm, which his grandparents bought in 1961. The cows are such an important part of the family, that the young couple made sure to include them in their wedding photos. “The cows were grazing right below us on lush summer pasture,” Heather recalls.

Heather and Brian work together with his parents, Bob and Martha, to make sure their small herd of 40 milkers is kept as clean, comfortable and healthy as possible. “I love the cows, being outside in the fresh air and being stewards of the land,” says Heather. “I love having the opportunity to harvest such a high-quality product that feeds people. And I love being able to work side by side with my husband and his parents, working towards the same goals and sharing in our triumphs and tribulations.”

The Davenport Family – Tollgate Farm

A Prize-Winning Family

The Davenport family runs their small 64-milking cow Tollgate Farm nestled in the Hudson Valley with the careful eye on animal health, a consistent milking routine, and keeping all equipment in topnotch shape, explains Jim Davenport. Karen Davenport is also an award-winning agricultural science educator, while the couple’s two daughters were proud dairy princesses when they were younger and have begun careers in agriculture.

“The thing that appeals to me about dairy farming is that this country has gotten away from producing things, but if you are in agriculture, you are producing something important,” says Jim Davenport. “It’s something that people need.” Some of Tollgate’s milk is marketed through the co-op and some bottled with a small farm-owned brand called Hudson Valley Fresh.


The Dimock Family – Dimock Farms, LLC

Working Together

Don and Martha Dimock and their son, Bruce, co-own the upstate New York family farm where their daughter, Anne, grandson, Sam, with his wife, Karleena, all work, too. Each family member, regardless of generation, is fully invested in caring for Dimock Farms’ 300 milking cows. In addition, Don gives credit to “the drive and enthusiasm of valued employees. We could not do what we do without them.”

The Dimocks count their cows among their valued staff members, too. “We provide a comfortable and always neat environment for our cows, and they seem to appreciate it,” Don says. “They always reward us with great milk.”


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