Recipe Roundup: The Best of 2014

Cabot Cheese Board Bloggers’ Favorite Recipes of 2014: The Tasty Year In Review

2014 has been an exciting year for Cabot and the members of the Cabot Cheese Board. We’ve seen our readership grow and the relationships with our incredible Cheese Board bloggers expand and flourish. It has been such fun following them and learning from their recipes, as well as their take on food, family, and friendship. We’re proud to call this talented and resourceful group our extended, online family!

Check out this collection of the #BestRecipesof2014 from the @CabotCheese #CheeseBoard bloggers: #noms #alltheeats

As 2014 comes to a close, we asked the Cheese Boarders to share their favorite recipes of the year with us. They sent us so many great ideas covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, and snacks. You’ll probably want to bookmark this post and try all their wonderful submissions.

From our farm family owners and all of us at Cabot, we wish you a healthy, happy, and delicious 2015!


Anne of Fannetastic Food sent us her Mexican Lasagna recipe that is loaded with flavor and fresh ingredients. We love the tang that the addition of Greek yogurt brings to this family-friendly dish! (1)

Another dish full of south-of-the-border flavor is from Whitney Bond of Little Leopard Book. Her Buffalo Chicken Taco Ring is a family favorite. Here’s how she describes it: ”I’ve been called the “Queen of Buffalo Sauce” and I don’t take that name lightly, so I’m also looking to create amazing new recipes with buffalo sauce! Growing up, one of my favorite dinners was the Taco Ring my Mom and I made together at a Pampered Chef party. I decided to take this recipe and switch it up to add my favorite sauce to a childhood favorite!” (2)

She’s That Susan Williams and she has so many great dishes on her blog, including this Slow Cooker Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons. She calls it simple, delicious comfort food that people crave, made with the ease of a slow cooker. We call it yummy! (3)

With this delicious recipe, Jenna Braddock of Fresh Food Perspectives finally found a way that her husband embraced her love of quinoa. We can see why he’s so enthusiastic about her Cheddar Quinoa Stuffed Zucchini. It’s full of veggie, cheesy goodness. (4)

Have you tried farro, one of our favorite whole-wheat grains? Liz Della Croce of The Lemon Bowl submitted this delicious and unabashedly healthy recipe for her Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Farro Bake, a one-pot wonder loaded with chicken, veggies…and great taste. It can be made ahead and is a welcome time-saver, perfect for busy families. (5)

How’s this for a crazy-yummy mashup? Kita Roberts of Pass the Sushi created this fun recipe for Mac and Cheese Soup with all the great taste of Mac and Cheese in soup form. Comfort food times two! (6)


Our girl at Cooking with Books, Marnely Rodriguez, is a culinary professional par excellence, so when she sends us her favorite recipe of 2014, we pay attention. She makes this incredible Spiced Apple Pumpkin Snack Cake for her friends and says she loves it: “Basically because it’s a “snack” cake and snack cakes make everyone happy! They aren’t too sweet, so no one is feeling guilty after eating a piece!” We have to agree…this is definitely happy cake! (7)

How would you like to try “an indulgent-tasting dessert with lightened up ingredients”? Sounds pretty great, right? Look no further than Julie Harrington, of RDelicious Kitchen and her Greek Yogurt Pumpkin Pie Bars, scrumptious little bites of dessert, perfect for your next party…or just about any time. (8)

We were pretty excited to see this submission for Chia and Oatmeal Breakfast Bowls with Cherries from Danielle Omar of Food Confidence. Because really, wouldn’t you love a breakfast treat that is healthy…and tastes like cherry pie? That sounds like a win/win to me! (9)

Simple to make, elegant to serve and oh so tasty – that’s Jenny Rawn’s Salted Pumpkin Crème Brulee – the best recipe of 2014 on her blog. This is how she describes it: “The recipe stars Cabot Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt as the main ingredient. These brulees are creamy, pumpkiny, sweet and salty. And they’re just the right size for dessert – perfectly portioned. Enjoy!” (10)

Mel’s Kitchen Cafe offers these No-Bake Berry Yogurt Cheesecakes. Mel says: “They’re completely luxurious. And they’re lightened up, both in calories and texture, by using low fat vanilla yogurt. Plus, they are no-bake, which means they are simple to whip up and enjoy!” (11)

Don’t worry, there are lots more links to the Best of the Best Recipes of 2014 from the Cabot Cheese Board listed below. Click on them below and be delighted and amazed and inspired!

Cheese Board Blogger’s Favorite Recipes for 2014

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