Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches of the Year

Celebrating The Year’s Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches With the Cabot Cheese Board

Who doesn’t love a celebration? And celebrating America’s favorite go-to cheese sandwich is definitely worthy of an entire month of partying. Let’s just shout it from the rooftops everyone, April is GRILLED CHEESE MONTH! And what better way to pay homage to this perennial classic sandwich than to go to the experts and find out their favorite versions of this simple – and simply delicious – sandwich.

Here are 5 recipes to get you through April 1-5! Click on the image to view the recipe:

grilledCHEESE1   grilledCHEESE2   grilledCHEESE3

grilledCHEESE4   grilledCHEESE5   grilledCHEESEplaid

1.Living Well Kitchen 2.The Food Bitch Blog 3&4.Spiced Blog 5.HauteMealz

Let’s face it. You can’t go wrong with bread, butter, and cheese, grilled to golden perfection. But why stop there? There are so many ways to make and love grilled cheese, we just had to gather our favorites in together; it’s like one stop shopping for the best grilled cheese sandwiches the blogosphere has to offer. Of course we went to our own tried and true experts, the talented and imaginative bloggers of the Cabot Cheese Board, to uncover their grilled cheese secrets.

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Let’s start with the basics – great bread, lots of quality cheese, and butter, to achieve that golden, toasty grilled cheese glow. Some people like to grate their cheese, others swear that slices are the way to go. But timing and temperature are non-negotiable when it comes to grilled cheese perfection.

These five recipes will take you from April 6th through 10th. Click on the image to view the recipe:

grilledCHEESEplaid   grilledCHEESE6   grilledCHEESE7

grilledCHEESE8   grilledCHEESE9   grilledCHEESE10

6.Haute Mealz 7.That Susan Williams 8.Rachel Cooks 9&10.Bake Your Day

My grandmother, who made the most delicious, most basic grilled cheese sandwiches, never varied her technique. She buttered both the inside AND the outside of the bread, used slices of sharp cheddar, and cooked her sandwiches over a medium heat in her ancient cast iron skillet. When the bread achieved golden perfection, the cheese was usually not yet melted to her satisfaction. She always preheated her oven and slipped the skillet with the sammies into the oven for three or four minutes. The result was gooey, melted cheese oozing out of perfectly toasted, slightly crunchy bread.

April 11th through 15th have these great sandwiches. Click on the image to view the recipe:

grilledCHEESE11   grilledCHEESE12   grilledCHEESEplaid

grilledCHEESE13   grilledCHEESE14   grilledCHEESE15

11.Cabot Cheese 12&13.Wishes and Dishes 14.Blogging Over Thyme 15.Buns in My Oven

During my college career, grilled cheese sandwiches got me through mid-terms, final exams, broken hearts, and late-night gab sessions. My iron never saw much action in making my clothes presentable, but it did yeoman’s service in the making of a surprisingly noteworthy grilled cheese. All it took was the basic sandwich ingredients, two sheets of aluminum foil, and my trusty Teflon-coated iron fired up to maximum heat.

 Here are five more recipes for April 16th through 20th. Click on the image to view the recipe:

grilledCHEESE16   grilledCHEESEplaid   grilledCHEESE17

grilledCHEESE18   grilledCHEESE19   grilledCHEESE20

16,17,18,19.Cabot Cheese 20.Panini Happy

Back in the day, neither my grammy nor I could have predicted the grilled cheese revolution that has taken a nation by storm. We thought adding a couple of slices of bacon was the very height of gourmet innovation. Nowadays, grilled cheese is paired with less predictable, more exotic ingredients like lobster, kale, Sriracha, short ribs, or chorizo.

More Grilled Cheese inspiration for April 21st through 25th. Click on the image to view the recipe:

grilledCHEESE21   grilledCHEESE22   grilledCHEESE23

grilledCHEESE24   grilledCHEESEplaid   grilledCHEESE25

21.The Brown Eyed Baker 22&23.Sugar Dish Me 24.Prevention RD

Think of grilled cheese as a canvas on which to build a culinary masterpiece and let your imagination soar. Or just try some of these amazing grilled cheese creations!

So cheers to all 30 of these innovative, extraordinary grilled cheese sandwiches from the food-obsessed imaginations of all of us at Cabot and of some of Cabot’s Cheese Board Bloggers – one for each day of a month dedicated to our favorite – The Grilled Cheese Sandwich, the best, most versatile meal you can hold in your hand!

The closing days of Grilled Cheese month, April 26th through 30th, have these great sandwiches to sample. Click on the image to view the recipe:

grilledCHEESE26    The Best Grilled Cheese - Cabot Creamery  grilledCHEESE28

grilledCHEESEplaid   grilledCHEESE29   grilledCHEESE30

26.Buns in my Oven 27. Chipotle BBQ Shredded Chicken Grilled Cheese 28.Cupcakes and Kale Chips 29.A Southern Fairytale 30.Living Well Kitchen

We hope you have fun celebrating Grilled Cheese Month to the fullest, make sure to share your sandwiches with us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter! Don’t forget to use #GrilledCabot so that we can see all of your creations.

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