The ALL-NEW Reward Volunteers 6.0 Is A Huge Success

Following more than two years of success with its Reward Volunteers iPhone-based mobile app, Cabot Creamery Cooperative decided it was time to bring its volunteer time tracking and logging software to a wider audience. Cabot worked with Utah-based Samaritan Technologies to develop an all-new web-based platform that volunteers can access via any web-enabled device to log and track their volunteer hours and win great prizes for themselves, and cash for the organizations they serve.

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The ALL-NEW, web-based Reward Volunteers 6.0 launched on April 14 and by all accounts, it has been a resounding success! Volunteers from across the nation have affirmed the new site is cleaner, faster and easier to access and use than ever before!  Since the launch, nearly 350 RV 6.0 volunteers have logged more than 6,415 hours of volunteer work for more than 300 organizations nationwide. More impressively, since the original mobile app launched just three years ago, more than 3,550 volunteers have logged over 220,000 hours to benefit more than 3,300 non-profit organizations nationwide.

Numerous studies indicate volunteering promotes mental and physical health benefits.

While Reward Volunteers is a great way for people to earn prizes for themselves and the organizations they serve, Cabot Registered Dietitian and Fit Health Team creator Sara Wing says, “Its equally important to understand that volunteering can be good for your health. Volunteering is as good for you as it is for those you serve. Community service makes a huge difference in the lives of others, but importantly it also has an extraordinarily positive mental and physical impact on your life,” Wing said. Click here to learn more.

Most volunteers do what they do because they care about people and their communities. Rarely do they want recognition or anything in return. Recognizing that all-important element of volunteering, Cabot has designed its program to be low key, easy to use and beneficial to those who use it to track their time and post their good deeds to Facebook so others will be inspired to do the same. Equally important, non-profit organizations can win great cash prizes. It’s a true win-win situation.

“Most people volunteer because they believe in the cause or program,” Wing says. “Cabot’s Reward Volunteers program is designed to make volunteering fun and easy and to promote whatever cause its users support by rewarding various prizes to volunteers each month, promoting organizations through social channels, and even providing much needed cash to non-profits each month as part of our prizing. Best of all, it’s free!” she said.

If you previously used the mobile app version or if you are new to Reward Volunteers, all you need to do is go to, set up your account and begin logging your hours. You can register via email or Facebook but we encourage all volunteers to use Facebook because it allows you to directly share your activity with Followers, gives you more chances to build Reach Points (which means great odds of earning prizes), creates greater awareness for your organization, and improves your organization’s chances to win cash from our sponsors. It’s fun and easy to do.

Reward Volunteer prize winner Christine shares her experience from her recent stay at Couture’s Maple Shop and B&B &  Missisquoi Valley Farm, Cabot farmer owners:

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime.  The trip was wonderful, and I couldn’t have asked for better hosts.  Jacques and Pauline were a breath of fresh air and truly made the trip so special.  I think the easiest way to sum up how wonderful they were is to tell you that my mother cried heartily after saying our goodbyes.  They are truly ambassadors of your brand.  

We also did make it to Cabot and had copious amounts of cheese and  a very nice tour…It was a very rewarding opportunity, and I just wanted to thank you again.”

~Christine, Reward Volunteers Prize Winner

Reward Volunteer Prize Winners at Couture's

Don’t forget, you can help support and promote Reward Volunteers by using our RV 6.0 Social Media Toolkit that can be downloaded from the RV 6.0 website’s “Resources” page.

Noah's Ark - Reward Volunteers

The Toolkit features a month-by-month calendar of all the things Cabot is doing to promote Reward Volunteers online: Hashtags, logos and other artwork, and messages you can share socially to promote volunteerism. We’ve prepared everything you need for newsletters, posts and blogs to help you spread the word!


Helping lead the way with more than 350 hours logged using Reward Volunteers 6.0, USO Wisconsin has embraced the ease and simplicity of RV6.0’s new web-based interface. To date, 20 USO Wisconsin Volunteers have logged hours and posted socially on hundreds of amazing volunteer activities.

USO Wisconsin

USO Wisconsin serves active military members and their families who reside or transit in Wisconsin. The agency has three service centers (Milwaukee Airport Center, the Military Entrance Processing Station, and Milwaukee County War Memorial Center where volunteers ensure military families have gifts around the holidays, provide meals to military families, and offering a place for military members and families to relieve stress and find answers to any questions they may have while they are in transit.

It’s countless volunteers like those at USO Wisconsin who make the world a better place – and you can, too! Get up! Step Up! Volunteer! And track your time with Reward Volunteers!

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Bonnie Gibson | April 20, 2017 | 10:36am

Hi there! I work for an Orlando-based non-profit that partners with the Gratitude Grille regularly. I read in your recent newsletter that volunteers who use the volunteer rewards program will now be able to search for volunteer opportunities near them. How do we go about getting our non-profit events added to these searches? If you could just provide me with the right person to contact, that would be wonderful!

Thanks, and we love partnering with Cabot!

    Rachael | April 20, 2017 | 11:10am

    Hi Bonnie! Thanks for the note. I will send your request along to our support team! Stay tuned. ~Rachael

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