Reward Volunteers 6.0 – It’s Almost Here!

Great News!

The amazing new web-based Reward Volunteers is almost here. Get ready – Reward Volunteers 6.0 launches April 14!


The ALL NEW #RewardVolunteers 6.0 is launching in Apr! Even easier to use, new prizes. @cabotcheese <3s #volunteers: ​


It’s bigger and better than ever and, starting on April 14, will be fully web-based so you won’t need to use the current RV app or web widget.  Our new web-based platform will allow us to greatly improve your user experience through ease of use, new graphics, cleaner, brighter pages and fresh content.  Best of all, you can access Reward Volunteers through any device that can access the Internet.  That means your iPhone, Android, Mac, PC, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop computer.

Yes, change REALLY is good.

Habitat for Humanity volunteer at the Broward County Collegiate Challenge enjoying some Legacy Cheddar!





Habitat for Humanity volunteer at the Broward County Collegiate Challenge enjoying some Legacy Cheddar.




We’d love to hear from you:

To help ensure we are doing everything possible to make your Reward Volunteers experience the best it can be, we invite you to share your feedback with us through this brief survey. The survey will help us get to know you a little better and help us improve RV for you and the organizations you serve. In return, we’ll send you a coupon for delicious Cabot cheese.  It’s fast and easy. After all, who can’t use a little extra Cabot Cheese?








A volunteer at Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary






February Reward Volunteers Winners:

Everyone wins when you volunteer – even you!  Check out February’s amazing group of RV winners:

$500 Cash to A Non-Profit Organization

Valley Dogs Rescue, Phoenix, AZ

Vinyl Flooring For A Non-profit Organization

Horse Meadow Senior Center

Corporate Sustainability Book, Documentary and Gift Pack

Danielle Bennett, Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue
Betty Lewis, Kairos 10 Jewelry (For sustainable income and medical care for impoverished Children)

$50 Dakin Farm Gift Pack

Pat Munson, Brookgreen Gardens

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters – Keurig

Margaret Ford,  RVR Horse Rescue
Michelle Grasso, K-9 Angel Rescue

$100 King Arthur Flour Gift Certificate

Brian Bethea, Spotsylvania Volunteer Fire Department
John Lelinski, USO of Wisconsin
Monica Tomoroy, American Cancer Society

Dansko Shoes

Dawn Radomski, RVR Horse Rescue
Mitzi Stevens, Give Kids The World
Rebecca Oppedisano, From The Ground Up Therapeutic Horsemanship

Cabot “Sending Milk” Book and $25 Cabot Gift Card

Natalie Rogers, Delran Volunteer Fire Company
Sharon Owens, Women of Stamina Ministries International, Inc.

Corporate Sustainability Book and Maple Syrup

Cheryl Severin, USO of Wisconsin

Cabot “Sending Milk” Book and Cabot Cheese Gift Pack

Mary Duryee, Brookgreen Gardens
Babara Smullen, Brookgreen Gardens
Julie Swartzentruber, Shoulder To Shoulder
Kristen Hayden West, Community Friends Mentoring

Neighborly Farms Gift Pack

Gabby Rosana, Under My Wing Avian Refuge
Debbie Hearn, Brookgreen Gardens


Volunteers at New York Cares Day

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