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Did you know that Cabot is part of a growing global movement to redefine success in business? The Be the Change movement is about making social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency part of the way we do business. Profit isn’t the only benchmark anymore. For more than 1,000 companies in 33 countries and 60 industries, success is about contributing to healthy communities and environments.


How do we measure success? As part of the movement, companies can become Certified B Corps by meeting rigorous standards evaluated by a non-profit third party. Cabot and many of its partners in the Reward Volunteers program are B Corps—like Ben and Jerry’s, Dansko, King Arthur Flour, Gardner Supply, and Vermont Creamery. This October representatives from nearly 40 B Corps came to Cabot’s original creamery in Vermont for a tour and a cheese tasting and to celebrate our passion for collaboration and the power of collective voice.

B-Corp Retreat


Interested in learning how you and your company can become B Corp members?


The B Corp retreat got us thinking about just how much of a difference we can all make when we put our talents and energy together. Reward Volunteers is just one way of encouraging positive change—and what a difference it has made in a few short years! Since February of 2012, you and fellow Reward Volunteers participants across the United States have performed more than 8,500 acts of kindness, generosity, and community support—totaling more than 42,500 hours logged by individuals in service of non-profit organizations. That’s why we’re so thrilled to thank you for your time and effort with cash and other prizes—many of them from B Corps committed to making a difference.

One of the many organizations you can support through Reward Volunteers is Habit for Humanity. Cabot recently took the Farmers’ Gratitude Grille to Dallas, Texas, where we served up tasty treats for 5,000 Habitat For Humanity Dallas TX volunteers working on a big build. There were folks there from 33 states working on building or repairing 100 homes! Check out some photos and learn more about the successful Carter Work Project 2014 here.

The Cabot Team in Dallas TX for Habitat for Humanity Carter work Project

A big congrats to our November winner Jeanne Hughes from South Carolina – who volunteers for Brook Green Gardens. Jeanne and a guest will be traveling on an all expense paid 2015 Eastern Caribbean Cruise as part of the Cabot Community Celebrity Award program to honor the achievements and contributions of volunteers!

Check out all our volunteer prizewinners here.

Keep logging hours and keep doing good – Cabot and other B Corps applaud you!


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It’s an amazing day to be a B Corp!

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The site is beautiful! Congratulations!

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