Ringing in the Simple Life

For many of us, the New Year brings with it an opportunity to hit the refresh button, to start anew and simplify. Cabot’s sustainability team is resolved to look ahead with an eye on the road of endless possibilities. We do a lot of really cool things here to keep it simple – while thinking green of course – and we’re excited to share some of them with you.
Simple Solutions @ home
Light bulbs: Take a walk – through your house that is – and do a quick inventory of energy efficient vs. traditional light bulbs. In December, with help from our friends at Efficiency Vermont, Cabot employees purchased over 1,000 ENERGY STAR lighting products that will save over 65,000 kWh of electricity this year. Together, we will reduce emissions by over 100,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide annually – that’s equivalent to taking 10 cars off the road. Oh, and we will save over $11,000 annually in our homes. Cabot is working hard to moo-ve toward a brighter future – we invite you to join.
Our farmers are switching to LEDs too. The Richardson family has converted most bulbs in their barns to LED lights with help from organizations like EnSave.
Richardson Family Farm | Cabot Creamery
Kick the Cup: A great way to simplify is to simply cut down. Join us in our Kick the Cup campaign and pledge your independence from the disposable cup – we did this summer and we’re pretty happy to do our part in reducing the 58 billion paper cups going to U.S. landfills each year.
Fairware Mug - Cabot Creamery

Personalized mugs from our sister B Corp Fairware

On-the-Go Water Bottles: Get a cool water bottle from our friends at Full Circle (also a B Corp). Use these at home, on the go, at work, at the gym, at school and pretty much anywhere. They are great for so much more than just water; see recipes for our on-the-go scrumptious smoothies.
Full Circle Bottles - Cabot Creamery
A Better Bag: For a more reusable way to pack snacks, we recommend these really cool (re)zip bags from our friends at Blue Avocado – also a great way to keep your favorite cheddar fresh (while you’re at it, give Bee’s Wrap a try – we promise you’ll like it)! Or, simply reuse kitchen items like ziploc bags, they can get a quick rinse while you’re doing dishes and be used again and again.
Blue Avocado Bags

Simple Solutions for our Planet
Batteries: Familiarize yourself with local resources. Go to earth911.com and you can look up drop off locations in your community. Batteries and other e-waste can contain heavy metals and corrosive acids and don’t belong in our landfills. The best rule of thumb is not to put anything in the trash that you don’t want in the food you eat; the water you drink or the air you breathe.
Natural Cleaning Products: Our great-grandparents knew that all you really needed to clean household germs was some hydrogen peroxide, lemon, baking soda and vinegar. Here are some simple ideas (we love Dr. Bronner’s). Or, pick up Seventh Generation – another fellow B Corp – products at your local grocery store. They have a full line of items from counter sprays to baby wipes to paper towels that are friendlier for you and your whole family for generations to come.
Seventh Generation
Grocery Bags: More than one billion plastic bags are used every minute around the world, and plenty of that ends up in our oceans. Stash reusable bags in your glove box, or under the back of the driver’s seat, that way, they are always with you. If you come to Vermont, visit us at one of our three stores and pick up your very own Cabot reusable bag.
Cabot Reusable Bag

Simple Solutions for Happiness
Donate This is one of our favorites – Amazon is starting the year out right by doing good for others. Partnering with Goodwill, Amazon will help you donate to charity easy as 1,2,3.
Check it out:

Family Night Pick a night of the week for family night. Create a new tradition or celebrate old ones. Pick a recipe from our recipes page to make together. As farmers, we rely on family to keep the farm running but we also get to spend a lot of time with our families. Read some of our favorite #FarmLove stories and see how we spend time with our families.

Thanks for letting us share our ideas. We know you have some of your own and we want to hear from you. Share with us on Facebook or Twitter and use #FarmGreen so are farmers can see too!

For tips on living simply at work, check out some great tips from another B Corp friend, Flip Brown at ChangeThis.

bcorpCabot Creamery Cooperative is the world’s first cheese maker and dairy cooperative to achieve B Corporation Certification, a validation of its attention to environmental and social impacts on stakeholders.

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Ann Hoogenboom is Cabot’s Sustainability Coordinator and gets to share the latest and greatest in sustainability news from our farm families. As a Vermont native and lover of all things green, she’s proud of the socially responsible business role that Cabot plays for our cows, our creamery, our community and our customers.

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