It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman!

Or, in the case of the latest piece of super-powered kitchen equipment to come to the rescue of time-challenged cooks: It’s a slow cooker! It’s a pressure cooker! It’s a rice cooker, steamer and yogurt maker! (And it can also brown food and keep it warm!) It’s Instant Pot!

Among its many powers, the Instant Pot can help you get your favorite comfort food recipes on the table with minimal fuss and time.

We call it quick and cheesy: #macandcheese in your Instant Pot with the goodness of three Cabot cheeses… Click To Tweet

Instead of braising for hours, it takes just one hour to achieve meltingly tender Chili Con Carne chockful of beef in a spice-packed, garlicky chile pepper sauce. Lay out bowls of shredded Cabot cheddar and sour cream, chop some green onions and cilantro, slice up a fresh avocado and dig in.

Chile Con Carne

For a fun, kid-favorite and great on-the-go meal, make the shredded tomatoey chicken filling for these Alpine cheesy chicken mini calzones in about half the time it would take to cook on the stovetop.

Cut the time it takes to go global by two-thirds when you simmer up a classic Indian butter chicken curry redolent with spices and rich with coconut milk and Cabot Greek yogurt.

And there is just no reason to open up a box of fake stuff when you can use the Instant Pot to make yourself the creamiest, triple Cabot cheesiest mac and cheese in 20 minutes flat.

When kids and teens are running through the kitchen looking for a snack, whip up this easy Chile Con Queso Dip and set the Instant Pot on warm to keep it dippable for whenever they want to grab a corn chip or a broccoli floret and dunk right in.

Chile Con Queso

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